Rick Zieger - Aug 1, 2016

It has turned very hot and we also had some thunderstorms go by. Not the best time to try to be out. But the storms are past and I head out early in the morning. I walk into a pond wearing some waders that will let me fish some areas that I would not be accessible without having waders. It also made it easier to get through some of the wet spots on the way into the pond.

When I get to the pond the water is dingy. Not what was wanted, but it  is what is going to be fished. I head to the farthest place on the pond I will fish. That way as I fish I am getting closer to the truck. I change the flies I'm using since the water is dingy. I want flies that push a lot of water. I cast these flies for a while and get one little gill on them. I moved to another spot and try again. No success in this spot.

As I'm trying to decide what to do I saw a foot long crappie swim by the weed edge in front of me. The dorsal fin makes a little "V" on the surface. It seemed that this might be the time to try some flies very shallow in the water column.

I tie on a couple of flies and try them. I get several hits on these, but lose many of the fish after about five seconds. But there is a chance of success.

After about 100 fish hit the fly the area seemed to turn off. I kept moving along and seeing what would happen. I started to wait a little longer on the hook set and got a few fish to hand. I was glad I brought the net as many of these had the hook come out when I netted the fish. About half of these turned out to be small bass, but I was catching something.

As I moved around the pond and I got closer to where I came in. The temperature was going up and I started to get thirsty so it seemed that might be a good time to head home.

When I got home and got the fish taken care of I did not have as many as I wanted, but still had fun. It was one of those times that keeps me on my toes.

Hope you can get out on the water.


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