Rick Zieger - Aug 1, 2016

One access to one of my favorite ponds was closed. Someone went in when it was wet and got stuck. Then who ever helped them out tore things up. There is a large pit and some very deep tracks on the road into the pond now. Since some of the crop land beside the road was torn up the area was still closed for a police investigation. It also has stayed to wet in a large part of this area to get it fixed. But there is another way to get to the pond. I hiked in wearing my new Christmas gift waders. I had one rod with me as much of the pond has trees and brush very close to the water. It's just easier to use one rod than to try to move things.

My rod had a yellow Only on it so that is what I start with. I waded out and did a side arm cast and got the fly a few more feet off shore. To go straight out I used a roll cast.

After about 10 minutes of fishing the first fish took the fly just as it hit the water. As the fish came in it appeared as if a few other fish that were just under the surface were spooked. I changed to another Only that was tied with a glass bead. This fly would not sink very much. Each place I stopped I got a couple of fish. All of them hit just as the fly hit the water. I did not get a single fish on any type of retrieve. I continued doing this around the pond and got a fair number of fish.

I thought about the hike out and taking care of the fish so I decided that I need to head home;and get things taken care of. As usual I had more fish than I thought but I had fillets to eat and some to share.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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