Rick Zieger - May 2, 2016

I headed out to a pond, but I did not take the canoe as I knew that it was way too wet to try to drive into this pond. When I got to the road into the pond I could see the water running over the road. At the bottom there was a small pond just before the little hump over the culvert and there was also an idiot that was stuck in the pond. Who in the heck is trying to drive in when the conditions were obviously like that? I decided this was not a good pond to try to go into. Just as I was getting ready to leave the person that farms this land came by and the things he said about the stuck car cannot be repeated. He did ask if I would help get it out and I agreed.

By the time we got the tractor back to the place and got it towed out a lot of time had passed away. I knew that doing this helps keep my access to the pond in good shape. With the problem solve I headed off to another pond.

When I arrived at the new pond I knew my time would be restricted. How long I got to spend there would depend on the number of fish I could catch and how long it would take to take care of them. I had another task that needed to be taken care of in the afternoon. Trying to stay away from those things so there is more time to fish.

When I got to the edge of the pond the water was really clear. I could see down about 8 feet so I decided to try a fly that I tied out of some material I had in my stash. The material was not labeled, but I have been told it is palmer chenille. Here is a picture.

With the water clear it seemed that this fly would show up well and it turned out that it did. 

The fish were scattered but in each place I stopped I got a couple. Many of them just after the fly hit the water and started to drop I could see the swirl. Others came as I was retrieving the fly in. I had to leave while the fish were still biting. That may be one of the cardinal sins of fishing. I headed home and took care of the fish. I also got the other things done that helped a few folks. 

Had fillets to eat and share. 


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