Rick Zieger - Feb 3, 2016

My wife had been asked to help with a project so I was free for the day. I headed to a nearby pond with a bamboo rod and the 1 weight graphite. I took two fly boxes and two hook boxes of flies with me. There were new patterns that I wanted to try and it is easier to do when tried and true patterns are not with you. We had received some rain and the water levels were up, but the water was clear.

I tried casting in a shallow flat first and got no fish. I moved to where the water was about three feet deeper and ran into fish there. I was getting a fish on every third cast using the new flies that I was using.

When the fishing slowed down and I moved about 30 feet and tied on a new fly. These flies also catch fish, but I missed several fish in that area. I was not certain why I was not hooking them but I was still catching a fair number. Each time hits slowed down I moved to another area.

The new flies were producing fish; some were at the surface and some were deeper. A few of them came on the retrieve. In any case a number of fish were coming to the basket. All of the fish were hitting the flies hard.

At that point I saw a car come into the pond and I recognized the folks. I watched them as they fished and I noticed that they were not catching much. I know that they cannot stay out long, because of some health concerns so I hiked over to where they were fishing. I asked them if they would like a few more fish. The nice lady said she would like the fish and the gentleman told me that he hated my guts. Still can't convince them to use lighter bobbers and jig heads.

In that area I caught them several fish and it did not matter what flies were used. The fish took whatever went into the water. After about 20 minutes they told me that they needed to head home as they were getting tired. I hauled the fish up to their car to make it easier for them. They both thanked me for the fish.

I went back around to where I had been fishing. The fish were still in there. I looked to the west and saw a thunderhead building. It was getting bigger as I watched and I saw lightning coming out of the base. I did not hear thunder, but it was time to leave the pond.

I had more fish than I thought. The storm missed us, but I could hear the thunder that came from it. I think it went over the pond where I had been.

I had fillets to eat and share which means I had a great day.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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