Rick Zieger - June, 2015

It was the only day of the week that lots of rain was not forecast. That seemed to be a good reason to head for a pond. I don't mind fishing in the rain, but thunderstorms are a different thing. I grabbed a fiberglass rod that I inherited, and another graphite that I had not used this year. I had two fly boxes with lanyards on them. That, along with the fish basket was all that I took with me. The skies were cloudy and I was not sure that it might not start raining.

From previous experience on this pond the dam is the place to start. The east end of the dam has a large flat area, and this is a good place to find out if the fish are shallow. If not then it is time to fish across the dam.

A Hares ear with bead chain eyes and a yellow nymph pattern were on the two rods. I made a few casts with each rod and picked up a fish on each fly. I movee along the dam a little way and pick up a few more fish. I lost the yellow fly to something big that wrapped the leader around something and got away. I tied on a Yellow Only went on. I casted this fly out and let it drop, and then I noticed the line moving to the side and set the hook. That turned out to be a nice crappie. I tried several more casts with no success.

I moved again and made a few casts with each rod, and I picked up a few more fish on each fly. Then the action would stop. I moved again and cast with each fly and picked up a few more fish. Then I decided I would move, make a few casts and then move again. This worked out fairly well. In each place where I stopped I would pick up from three to five fish. About 10 % of the fish were small bass. But it was fun to have the fish hitting.

At one of my favorite places on the pond I made many more casts. This place has a history of having a lot of fish in it. That was not true this day. Three fish came out of this area, and a lot of casting practice. I should have kept up the run and gun routine.

I did this up the west side of the pond, and I continued to get a few fish in each spot. One place, where I know there is a three foot side and 20 foot long trench, several fish hit the fly but got off. They were on for about three to five seconds before getting off. My assumption is crappies that were rolling on the fly.

I have to get back out there in the canoe, but it was a fun day. I decided that it was a good time to head home since I had several nice fish, certainly enough for some nice fish tacos for supper. I even had the opportunity to share fillets with several folks.

Hope you can get out on the water.



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