Rick Zieger - Oct 20, 2014

My old fish basket was falling apart, and when I checked and I discovered that my current model is no longer made. So, I started hunting for a new fish basket. I did not want a wire basket like the last one I owned. I got a notion while I was looking thorough a fishing magazine. I found something like this.

Mine has a zipper on it, but I cannot find a picture of it online. This comes in a 7 or 9 inch diameter, and I have the 9 inch model. The one with the zipper came from Thorne Brothers. You can Google "floating live well" and find sources for this. The cost is about $25 with no zipper and about $33 with a zipper.

I have put 100 crappie and bluegills in mine and had room to spare. I like the zippered one as it allow me to take fish out of the side of the basket. This keeps fish from being spread all over.

I tied a 5 foot piece of rope to one of the handles to attach it to my canoe or to use from shore.

If you are looking for a fish basket you might give this one some consideration.



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