Rick Zieger - May 05, 2014

It was a nice warm day with the highest temperature of the year so far. It seemed like a good time to hit the pond, and the next two days might have rain. I set up two 5 weight rods before leaving home. I tied on a yellow PTN and a hare's ear type fly made from Icelandic horse hair. This second fly is very rough and traps some air. Both of these flies had some fine wire wrapped on the hook before tying the fly. This would help them to drop some.

I hiked into a pond and headed for the dam. On this pond they made some passes along each edge with the cat to help get dirt for the dam. This made some great break lines. At the far end of the dam from where I came in there are some trees. This does not allow any casting there. But casts can be made off the dam that allows the fly to come back along the break line. I made several casts with each fly and got nothing by bringing the fly in along the break line. As soon as I moved so the fly would come in across the break line the fish started cooperating.

I caught ten fish in fifteen casts. I moved the fly slowly a few inches and then paused for a few seconds. When the fish were on the line it would feel heaving when starting to retrieve. That was the indication to set the hook.

At this point the landowner showed up. He was curious about how I was doing. I showed him the fish. He is not personally interested in fishing, but I know that he likes to eat fish. I asked him if he would like these fish. I was certain that the way things were going there would be more fish in the basket. He took the fish and thanked me for them. I caught five more fish in the next dozen casts. Things seemed to be going so well. That is when the feast ended and the famine began.

I made several more casts with no interest from the fish. I changed retrieves and depths but nothing made any difference. I even changed the flies a couple of times.

I moved along the pond again and on the fifth cast another gill decided to take the fly. There was no doubt about this as the line headed for China. The fish was hooked before I could do anything. I got a great deal of casting practice over the next few hours. Very rarely would a fish take the fly. I still hoped that the fish would hit like they did when the fly first hit the water, but that did not happen. I caught 10 fish in the first half hour, and then got nine more over the next two, plus hours. I may not always be proficient, but tend to be persistent.

It was fun to be on the pond and needs a return visit. There are many fish in the pond asking to be caught.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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