Rick Zieger - Feb 24, 2014

It was one of those days when there was not a chance to do many things. It had rained heavily the day before so there is no working in the garden. No chance to do any other yard work without messing up the yard. So the best thing to do was to head to a pond. I grabbed a rod and the Tenkara rod and headed out. I purposely headed for a pond that is close to the road, in case it started raining again. It was way too wet to try to drive into any ponds with the canoe.

When I arrived at the pond I went the east end of the dam where I wanted to make the first casts. This was the farthest place from the truck, but the easiest way to get back to the truck. The air temperature was about 65 degrees with a 20 mph wind and a cloudy sky. I was glad I decided to wear a sweatshirt.

I started with the fly rod that had a Yellow boa yarn leech on it. On the first cast I had a crappie come up and hit the fly just after it broke the surface of the water. After the excitement of that happening it took another nine casts to get a gill to hit the fly.

I tried the Tenkara rod with a fly on it. To the best of my knowledge no fish hit the fly. If the fish just tapped the fly I was not aware of it. I decided I needed to change the fly on the fly rod. I tied on a gold Goldie Jr. and cast that fly out. I hooked another crappie on that, just as I was starting to take the fly out of the water to cast again. I set the hook and swung the fish into my hand all in one motion. Several more casts in the area did not result in any more fish.

I moved down the dam and did not find any fish. These are places where I usually have some success in this pond. Finally I ended up on the west shore. I tried in this area and had no luck. I changed the fly to a black boa yarn fly.

I wondered if this might work better in the darker water. On the second cast I got a wind knot in the fly line. I hope that I am one of the very few fly anglers that can do this on a regular basis. To add to this is was between the first and second line guide from the reel. Had to move the rod and undo this, while the fly was out in the water. When I had moved the fly twice, the line moved to the side and I set the hook and had a good bluegill go ballistic. This fish wanted no part of the hook. Since this fish took the fly when it was very near the bottom it called for another try doing the same thing. It turned out that this seemed to be the ticket. On about every third cast, in a fan fashion, a fish would take the fly.

I moved along the shore, picking up some fish in each place. All of them had to be on a deep slow retrieve. I did catch two bluegills that were nearly a foot in length. Both sprayed milt and went backing the pond.

Another couple had come into the pond and I stopped to see how they were doing. They had not been having much luck. I suggested they fish their earth worms lower in the water column with smaller bobbers. They guy replied that he did not think there were any fish in the pond.

I had to make a cast and catch a fish. Had a nice gill cooperate and the fish went in their basket. I caught a few more that I gave to them, and then I needed to leave.

I got home, had the fish cleaned, me cleaned up and the fishing clothes hanging on the line when it started to rain again. I thought that I saw rain clouds coming. Getting done in time was pure luck. Had fish to eat and share.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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