Rick Zieger - Feb 10, 2014

Dave Merical and Dale Sanders contacted me about coming down and fishing some ponds. We finally got a date set and after we met we headed out to one of my favorite ponds. We did not take the kayaks or my canoe as I was not sure we would be able to drive in. After walking in I am pretty sure it would have been hard to drive out.

When we got in we discovered that the water was very dirty. It looked like coffee with milk added to it. I told the guys where I had caught fish before and we all headed to different places. Dave headed across the dam and I saw that he caught a few fish at each of the places that he stopped. Dale and I headed down the shore line and tried various spots. I think I got a few hits, but missed the fish. All that Dale caught was a bush on his back cast and broke his rod in doing that. He tried my Tenkara rod, but did not hook anything.

After a little more than an hour on the pond I suggested that we head to another pond where I was sure the fishing would be better. We stopped in town, had lunch and then headed out to the other pond.

Fortunately it turned out that it was a good idea to come to this pond. We all started catching some fish. Dale and I were fairly close to the same place. I had the fish basket with me so we were keeping the panfish we caught. We caught fish on several different flies. When I could see Dave his rod was bent and he was enjoying some action. Time finally ran-out on us and it was time to leave. We walked out to our vehicles and stowed our gear.

I will state that the time went way to fast. If you ever have a chance to fish with these nice gentlemen, be sure to take the opportunity. I had a great time being with them.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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