Rick Zieger - Aug 12, 2013

Very easy to sum up the first time I went out this spring. I enjoyed lots of casting practice and no fish. This was just after the ice melted off part of the pond. About 80% of the pond was still covered with ice, but I wanted to be out.

Second time I took a friend out who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. If I take him out fishing it gives his wife a break. We went to a pond near town that is easy to walk into and not a long hike. We headed down to the dam end. I walked across the dam to hit the broad flat on the east side of the pond. Both of us made several casts in this area with nothing happening.

Then we started moving down the dam. I made casts that were perpendicular to the dam and also along the break line that is about 5 feet off shore. I did pick up two small bass in this area. I changed flies a few times to see if that would help. The lack of fish razzed Dan because he had not caught any fish yet, and I brought him to catch fish.

After about an hour of fishing we got to the west side of the pond. There was a slight breeze blowing toward us. Dan was spin fishing with a white twister tail. He got a couple of fish that were just off the shore line. He then wanted to know when I was going to catch something. I moved about 40 feet away from him and tied on a white boa yarn leech and started casting. I had several fish show just below the fly so I decided to let the fly drop a little deeper and managed to catch a few of them. Most of the fish just came up toward the fly and then went back down.

I tried several other flies, some that were white and other colors also. The fish came up on a few of them and ignored the others.

The time came where Dan got tired and needed to head home. We had enough fish for supper and a few fillets to share. I had a good time being out with Dan, and we are planning on doing it again.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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