Rick Zieger - June 3, 2013

It was a day off and I had many other things that we needed to do, so I only I had two hours to be out on the pond. Hopefully the rest of the time would be involved in filleting some fish.

Due to my limited time I headed to a pond close to home with two rods. That would result in less time traveling and more time on the water. Two rods take less time to set up than four rods. I quickly loaded the canoe and got out on the water.

It was a cloudy day with the wind blowing about 20 mph. I hoped the fish might be up in the water column. I have done well on this pond with a Goldie Jr. and a black fur tailed leech. I cast with each of these and had a few hits, but did not catch any fish. I changed retrieves and that did not help. I moved to another spot and tried again. That produced a few more hits, but no fish.

It was obviously time to change flies. I chose a peacock sword tail nymph and a dark hares ear type fly. Both of these were fairly heavily weighted to get deeper in the water column. Fishing shallow had not done anything.

I cast the hares ear first and let it drop a long time the I started to retrieve it slowly. I felt some resistance and set the hook and was fast to a nice bass. I made several more casts with each fly and finally got a bluegill to take the fly.

I moved the canoe again and made some more casts. I hooked a crappie that took the fly just after it hit the water. I did not have any success trying for any other fish in the area.

I moved the canoe again and tried more casts, hooked another crappie and a bluegill in this area. There was no rhyme or reason for the way they were taking the fly.

I worked around the pond casting with the flies. I was getting a few fish on these, so I did not change flies again. I made more casts trying to find some sort of pattern as to what the fish wanted. However, I ran out of time and headed home. My total for the day; baker's dozen of fish, but I still had a lot of fun. Not much success, but the desire to return is there.

There must be some sort of pattern as to what the fish wanted. Maybe I will find it next time. But I had time on the water and felt better.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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