Rick Zieger - Jan 14, 2013

I had some things come up so it was later in the morning before I got out. It was 9:00 a.m. when the canoe went in the water, and I usually try to be leaving the water at that hour. I went to a pond close to home so I would have more time on the water. It was very hot, and there was a dry wind blowing. It felt like it was trying to suck all the water out of everything. It was not the best of times to be on the water, but it was the time that I could finally make it.

I had a 1 weight and a 3 weight fly rod with me. I have not used these rods in a while. One had a black boa yarn fly on the leader and the other a white boa. That would let me start with the light and the dark pattern.

I made several casts as I moved down the pond. I wanted to get near the dam and fish the break line. That area has always worked for me before. The wind was also blowing against that dam, maybe moving all the food there.

I got to that area and anchored the canoe. I wanted to be able to make several casts and really work the area. On the fourth cast the fly just dropped when the line went to the side. I set the hook and a feisty gill was on the line. This fish did not want to come toward the canoe.

Another cast to the same general area resulted in another fish. This gill decided to go airborne. The fish was out of the water three times before getting into my hand. Six more fish came out of this little area. The fly had to be in a 3 by 3 foot area to get a strike. Casts on each side of this area were for exercise. I moved and tried again.

I found that if a fish did not hit on the first or second cast it was time to move. Each time I got a fish to the canoe there would be three or four more in the same area. It might be there were more fish that were spooked by those that were caught. Moved around the pond some more and picked up fish in a few places.

I had seen some other folks come to the pond. It is close to a road and many people fish it. The next thing I knew they were casting at the places where I had just caught a fish. Then they were casting at the canoe. I had been having fun and decided that I did not need the rudeness.

It was hot and I knew that my disposition could go downhill fast. It was a good time to leave and I paddled to the other side of the pond where I was parked. I had just loaded everything when one of the folks showed up. He wanted the rods I had been using, and could not seem to understand why I would not leave them with him. He went to get one of the others; I think to force me to leave things. I drove away as they yelled at me. It was funny that they did not get what they wanted. Maybe if I was out earlier things like that would not happen.

I had caught fish and had a good time. All the fish came out of little areas. If the fly was not in that area I did not have any success. There were fillets to eat and share.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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