Rick Zieger - Aug 27, 2012

It was another day off and time to head to a pond. We had heavy rain two days in a row so it was not very good for driving into any ponds with the canoe. The rain keeps the water from being very clear, so I am going to fish from the shore at pond that is fairly easy to get into.

When I arrived at the pond and found the water clarity let me see down about a foot. There was a very slight breeze that barely rippled the surface. I was fishing early in the afternoon as I had other things that had to be done earlier in the day. I thought that it might help with more light penetration in the water to help the fish see the fly.

I had two bamboo rods with me. I put a black fur tailed leech on one and a Goldie Jr. other one. I made several casts with each rod and hooked no fish, so I moved to some deeper water. I am at the shallow end and will be able to go around the whole pond. I made several casts and had no results.

I moved along the shore until I was near a small patch of rushes and water lilies that grow in this pond. I was hoping that there might be some fish in this area. I made several casts and got one little bass on the black leech.

I decided to think about this. I had been fishing for over a half an hour and have not done much. Is there something I am missing? [no comments needed on this] Now comes the part that shows that I can be dense at times.

I was watching some little blue dragon flies flit all over the place. I was not used to these things flying around early in May. Then it hit me. It may be May, but it is time to try a few nymphs that look like dragon flies nymphs. I had to use an olive marabou nymph pattern and a brown hare's ear, since I did not have a lot of other flies with me, and I did not have my vest. I made a cast and was into a nice gill with the marabou leech.

I cast out and moved the fly a few inches and then let it drop a few seconds, then repeat. The fish were taking it on the drop. I hooked several nice gills and a few crappie. After it slowed down, I tried the hare's ear, and I caught a few more nice fish on this. Most of the fish took the fly as it hit the water.

I went down to the dam, and there were lots of dragon flies flitting along the edge here. I cast out with the olive nymph and let the fly drop. It got hammered. It was a nice crappie that had inhaled the fly. The fly was so deep that I had to use forceps to get it out. I hooked a few more fish there and then moved again. I made a cast and the fly got hammered again. It was another nice crappie.

I picked up a few more fish, and out of curiosity I waited a few minutes and then cast again. I hooked another nice crappie. I did see a few more swirls when I hooked this fish. The fish must be shallow and spook as a fish is hooked. I walked back and forth on the dam as I was catching crappie. I would get one or two out of each area and then I needed to move and the let the area rest for a few minutes. Then the fish would come back. Finally a little voice in the back of my mind got my attention. I lifted the basket and decided it was time to head home, but I hate to leave biting fish. However, I knew that had just under a half a mile to hike with the basket, so it was time to leave. As I hiked back to my vehicle I had to change hands several times, and I also had to stop and rest my arms a few times. I had great fun and had some very nice fillets to share. Glad I finally looked at what was going on at the pond.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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