Rick Zieger - June 02, 2012

I had a day off and the water was calling my name. It was in the mid 50's, but the wind was blowing about 30 mph. Not the best time to be out, but the best time as I could get.

I got to the pond and headed for the dam. I could be out of the wind some and had a break line to fish. Great theory, but the fish were not interested in anything that went in the water. I fished several flies at different depths with different retrieves without success.

I headed to the other end of the pond and fished the water there. Did this hoping that the wind had pushed any food to the shallow end and the fish would be there eating. It was another great theory. I knew there was some water that is about six feet deep about 15 feet from the end of the pond. I used several different flies and came up with some algae when I let the fly drop to long so I decided that it was time to move.

I moved up the pond a short distance where I would have room to cast. I decided to tie on an unweighted size 16 PTN, and I cast this out and let the wind move the fly. The fly would ride a few inches under the water and move up and down with the waves as they went by. My hope is that this might interest some fish, and finally something worked!

A gill came up and took the fly. I am not sure if I hooked this fish or if the fish hooked itself, but the fish came to hand. On the next cast another fish hit, but there was too much bow in the fly line and I could not get the hook set. This happened two more times. I tried to mend the line, but in the wind that did not work.

Put this picture in your mind. A fisherman leaning over the water with the rod extended in his left hand. The right hand is on the line waiting to pull it in. When a fish hit's the fisherman turns 180 degrees and pulls the line as far as he can with his right hand. The rod stays extended in his left hand so that more line can be pulled as he rotates. This worked a couple of more time, but more often there was too much bow in the line and the fish was gone.

I did get enough fish to have dinner, and I did figure out where the fish were and what they would take. Now I have to work on the bow in the line.

I still had a good time.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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