Rick Zieger - Mar 12, 2012

It was a beautiful fall afternoon. There was a gentle breeze blowing and the sun was out. My wife had said that she would help on a project at the church, and she is going to be gone for two hours. She asks what I will be doing and then states that the question was already answered.

I dropped her at the church and headed to a pond close to home. I had two rods and two hook boxes of flies with me. With the forceps in my pocket and the fish basket in my other hand I was on the way.

I headed out on the dam at the pond since I thought this would be the best place to be. One rod had a white boa yarn fly on the leader and an olive hares ear type fly on the other. I fished each fly with several different retrieves and at several different depths., and I caught fish on each, but did not find any real pattern as to where the fish were. I would make about a dozen casts in each place and then move on. I usually got a few fish at each place. Making more casts did not result in any more fish. If I had a boat it would be run and gun, but on a lazy afternoon it was stroll and cast.

I got to a place on the dam where I caught four fish in a row. What makes this place any different than the rest of the pond? It does not look any different in this area than the rest of the pond does. The only thing I know is that there are always some fish in this area. I caught several more nice crappie in this area. Most of them were on a white boa yarn fly. I caught a few on the hares ear, but I caught more gills on that.

I saw a car pull in on the other side of the pond. There is lots of room for folks to fish around this pond. It was not until I saw who was in the car that I cared. These folks have bugged me before. I decided that I had had way to much fun and would need to leave soon in any case so I headed home. Why ruin a good day.

When I arrived at home and checked the phone and there was a message that my wife would be longer than she thought. This gave me a chance to filet the fish and have everything cleaned up. When she called I picked her up and then we delivered some fillets.

All of us had a good time.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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