Rick Zieger - February 13, 2012

My better half told me that she though she heard the water calling my name. I thought that voice was only in my head. In any case I headed for a pond. I grabbed two bamboo rods a couple of hook boxes of flies and off to the pond.

All of the flies are things that I have been playing with, variations of patterns. The mind goes to some strange places at the vice.

The water is not very clear. I can see down about four inches, but I still will put a fly in the water. Fish see better in the water than I do.

We had run out of town for our anniversary. One of the places my wife wanted to stop was a yarn shop. I like going into them also. I found a skein of purple mohair yarn. It called my name. Thought of a furl tailed mohair leech.

I went into another craft store and found some stuff that looked like a thick chenille type material. This is a synthetic with three strands. I got a bright pink and a brilliant yellow. These colors called my name. I had tied up a few soft hackles using one strand of each of these colors.

I got to the pond and caught a couple of fish with the flies already on the rod. I changed to the other flies and started fishing. I picked up a few more fish. I was not sure if the flies were not working or if the fishing was just slow.

I tied on a black furl tailed mohair leech and I got one fish on this after several casts. It seems that the fishing was slow. A cold front was coming into our area. The longer I am at the pond the stronger the wind got but I keep trying the flies. I get a fish every now and then.

A young couple walking their dog came along. They are curious about what I am using to catch the fish. They admitted to not being used to anyone fly fishing for warm water fish. I hook one more fish that I let them bring in.

Both of them said that it was a lot of fun. They also said they had not had fish in a long time. The wind was increasing and I could see rain coming. It was time to leave. I ask them if they want the fish. They were embarrassed that they had said anything. I told them it was not a problem. They live in an apartment near the campus. I met them there and gave them the fish.

I got home and was in the house about five minutes before the rain came. It was not a hard rain, but with the wind it made things miserable outside.

It's fun to use variations and catch some fish, and nice to be able to share with some folks. I was glad I was not filleting fish in the rain.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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