Rick Zieger - Jan 16, 2012

This was one of those Sundays that my wife suggested that I head to a pond to have some time to unwind. It had been one of those weeks and I would just as soon not remember it. However, it had rained some so I was not sure that many of the ponds were accessible.

I decided to grab two rods and head to a pond that is close to town. The wind was blowing some with gusts, so it was not the best conditions. However the best time to go fishing is whenever you get a chance. I had one bamboo rod and a 5 weight with me. I had a black fur tailed leech on one rod and a yellow boa yarn leech on the other rod. When I arrived at the pond I headed for the dam. I went there for two reasons. First to be able to fish the break line, and secondly I would be casting into the wind.

I decided to cast the bamboo rod first. I really like the feel of bamboo rods. I let the fly drop for a few seconds and then started to bring it in. The fly had not moved far when I thought the line felt funny. I set the hook and had a fish on. When I got the fish close to the shore it was a gill, and it came up and flopped on the surface. The fly came out as the fish was just barely lip hooked.

I made another cast and did not have anything happen. On the third cast I had another fish hit the fly, and I got this fish up to the shore. When I tried to swing up the fish it came off the hook. This fish was lip hooked also.

When the next fish hit the fly I waited longer to set the hook and missed the fish. So it was set the hook and hope to get them in or wait and not get the fish on the line. My choice is to always have the fish on the line, even if they are long line releases.

I tried the yellow boa yarn leech and had a few crappie take that fly. I did not get any of these to hand either. I would see the flash of the fish taking the fly; have the fish on for 5 to 10 seconds and then nothing. Paper mouth is a good name.

I changed to a black boa yarn leech on the bamboo rod. I hoped the same color fly with a shorter body might result in better hook ups. You never know until you try. The result of this was that I did get a few fish into the fish basket, but I lost many more than I caught. About every eighth cast would result in a fish taking the fly. I was catching enough to keep me on the pond.

I tried a black fly on a size 16 hook, but this did not elicit any interest from the fish. I tried other colors, but the fish did not seem to be interested in those.

The wind continued to increase in velocity, and it got to where my casts were not going over 30 feet. I decided that I had been having fun, but this would make it work. It was time to head home. I got home and filleted a few fish for lunch.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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