Rick Zieger - November 21, 2011

We had a heavy thunderstorm hit our area. We received over 2 inches of rain in an hour. Then it rained for eight hours after that. I knew the water would be muddy, but it was a day off and time to head for a pond. I left the canoe at home because I knew I could not drive into any of the ponds. Also I did not want to hike into some because of the mud that I would have to go through.

I got to a pond that is not far from the road. I took two rods with me; a 5 weight and the 10.5 foot 3 weight. I figure I would be making a lot of long casts to search for fish, and the long 3 weight with throw a lot of line. However, it takes a fair amount of line to load this rod.

I thought that I would have to go for fish that were near the surface. I could not see any fly after it was about 5 inches deep in the water. Although I thought the fish could see better that I could I thought they would not see it if it was over a foot deep.

I went with a white boa yarn fly and a black fur tailed leech. I made several casts with each with no luck so I put on a PTN and a hares ear. I had no luck with those flies either.

Now I went to one of my oddball flies; biots from a turkey wing tied long for a tail, a thick peacock body, 7 or 8 turns of heavy dry fly hackle wound at the front, with a tungsten bead head. The biots are tied so they turn out. With the heavy hackle that is stiff there is a good amount of water being pushed as the fly is retrieved. I wanted to see if the fish would pick up this with their lateral line and look for the fly.

I tried this fly on several casts and got a few fish on it. Then I tried some flies tied with luminescent materials, and I got a couple of fish on those but nothing worked well. I think the water was just too muddy. It's hard to see when it looks like chocolate milk.

However, I had enough fillets to make some sandwiches, but none to share with folks. That is why it is called fishing and not catching.

My better half told me it was to keep me humble. What is that?

Hope you can get out on the water.

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