Rick Zieger - October 10, 2011

For some strange reason I had the Fourth of July off. I did not argue, but decided to enjoy the day. I had to help get some things done in the early morning, so after I got those activities out of the way my better half suggested that I head to a pond for a while. For some strange reason she believes this helps my disposition.

I walked into a pond that I have not fished in a few years. The land had changed hands and permission was not granted to be on the land until recently. The new land owner contacted me to see if there were any fish in the ponds, and I picked the easiest pond to get to.

I took the 1 weight and the 10.5 foot 3 weight with me. I had not used either rod much this year and needed to remedy that. It is hot and muggy, and I was wearing a fanny pack that we use hiking. I was carrying two water bottles in the holder and two more in the zipper pockets. The two in zipper pockets had been in the freezer for a few hours. They were not frozen solid, but the cool sure was nice.

The pond is almost circular and 100 feet in diameter. Even with my casting inability most of the pond can be covered. I decided to use a Hares Ear type fly and a Skip Morris Pan fish fly. Not my usual choices, but wanted and attractor and natural fly to try. I made several casts with each and had not luck so I moved to another place on the pond and tried again. I caught one small gill there.

I changed flies to the black mohair leech and the Goldie Jr. These flies did not work any better although I tried several different retrieves with these flies. I tried a few more flies and did not have any more success.

I decided that this was one of those days that I probably would not figure out what the fish were taking. The other thing is that maybe there were not many fish in the pond. I will have to try it again. So I headed home with no fish, but being a better caster with each rod. Need to spend more time using each of those rods.

Hope you can get out on the water,  and have better success.


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