Rick Zieger - August 01, 2011

We had several things happen on Sunday morning. It was not much of a day of rest. It was nearly 3 pm when we got home. My wonderful wife suggested that I needed to head to a pond. She thought that it would help my mental status. Hers would be helped by a nap or a good book, possibly both in some order.

I went to a pond close to town, a pond that I had not been to in a while. I got out to the pond and decided that it was time to try some flies that I had not used in a while. I also had some flies from swaps that had not been in the water. I came into the pond at the dam end. This pond lays north south, with the dam at the south end. All in all its about 150 yards long and 100 yards wide. I made the first cast and had the first fish, a fat, feisty gill on a Copper John.

I caught four more of them on the next 6 casts. This was a swap fly; I will have to learn to tie this fly. I switched to the other rod to see what it would do.

I picked up some more gills on it so I decided to catch five fish on a fly and then change it. Even though I don't like to tie flies on,they would not get changed unless this happened. Every fly seemed to work. The fish seemed to be very hungry.

Another couple had come out to the pond. After a while they came over to see what I was doing. I invited them to come down on the dam. That seemed to be where the fish were. There was plenty of room.

She told me they wanted a fish fry that evening. They did get a few fish, but not as many as the flies were bringing in. I started putting the fish that I caught in their basket.

They decided that they needed to leave so they could be home and ready when the other folks showed up. I headed home as my basket had a lot of fish in it.

I caught 76 fish in an hour and a half of fishing. The other couple called me up and said they had taken care of 72 fish. The said that most of those were mine, and I told them that the fish did not belong to me. It's a lot of fun to catch the fish and to be able to share. We took fish to several folks and had a good time doing it.

Hope you can get out on the water.


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