Rick Zieger - July 18, 2011

It was one of those days. Every time I turned around there was something that needed to be done. Could not get my tiller started so hand dug the raised bed and got some greens planted. Had a friend come over and spend a few hours trying to help me get the tiller going. We finally figured out that the coil must be bad.

WE were invited out to lunch. After that a few things came up that we needed to help with. All in all by the time that I could go out it was almost 3:30 pm. Grabbed two rods, the vest and the fish basket. Headed off to a pond that is close to home.

The way the day was going I should have known. I came upon a car that was stopped, and I could see the flat tire. So I stopped to help them since they are friends. Also they were too old to be messing with changing a tire. Both are on the far side of 90.

It was a few minutes after 4 when I got to the pond. I headed for the dam to see if there were any fish along the break line. It was fairly warm, but the wind was blowing 25 mph. The pond faces north-south and the wind was out of the east.

The rods had a white boa yarn leech and a black furl tailed leech on them.

I did pick up a few fish on each, but it was hard to set the hook as there was always a bow in the line. I decided to move so that I could cast into the wind.

Stopped at a place and made a cast. The fly was about two feet from shore when a crappie shot out of nowhere and took the fly. It glided up to the fly and took it in, then stopped. By raising the rod I had the hook set and the fish in my hand.

Being curious, the fly went out about five feet and then was slowly brought in. It was about two feet out when another crappie took it. Again the fish flashed toward the fly, glided to take it and then stopped. Again lifting the rod did the hook set and put the fish in my hand.

I did this seven more times in the same general area. They fish took the fly the same way each time.

When the gravy train ended, the casts went out into the pond. I picked up a few more fish, but I missed many more, maybe crappie as they were not on very long.

I checked my watch and saw that I would need to leave. There would be enough time to fillet the fish and deliver some fillets. Then there was another place to be.

Not nearly long enough to be out, but still fun. Hope I have more time the next time I am out.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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