Rick Zieger - May 09, 2011

It was early Sunday afternoon when we turned on the Weather Channel. I saw that there was a 100% chance of storms on Tuesday. My better half suggested that I go out now instead of being out in the rain. Who am I to argue?

I decided that I needed to head out with a few rods that I had not used this year. I took a bamboo rod and the 1 weight that I built. I was not sure the 1 weight was going to work in the wind, but it is the only way to learn to cast it in the wind. I grabbed a few other things and headed to a pond.

I walked in and saw that the water was fairly dingy, which was the result of all the rain that we have been getting. Not as bad as some places to the east of us, but more than will let the ponds stay clear.

I decided that it would be a Goldie Jr and a black fur tailed leech. Opposite ends of the visibility scale, but a quick way to let the fish tell me which they like. I head to the dam to fish the break line on that, which offered the best chance of clearer water.

I made several cast and didn’t have any success with either fly. I decide that I need to move. I cast the fly out and start to reel it in. The fly is just under the surface and moving fairly fast, and a gill tries to take it. It hit the back of the leech, so missed the hook point. Could it be that a faster retrieve is needed?

I try casting and retrieving the fly faster. No success. Casting the fly out and starting to reel it in when I have a crappie take the fly. This fish gets into my hand and into the basket. Why do the fish take the fly when it is being reeled in and not on a retrieve? My guess is the steady speed of the fly. In reeling the line in it is a steadier speed than trying to strip the line in at the same speed.

I find a fish or two at each placed that I stop. It’s not very fast fishing, but it is fun to finally figure out what the fish want. If I was in a boat this would be called run and gun fishing.

I got back to near where I came into the pond, and I looked to the southwest and saw the rain coming. It was then that I decided that it was time to head home. I was very near the truck when the first thunder was heard.

I got home and got the fish filleted, and the entrails buried just before the rain hit. The water was not the problem but the fireworks display made me glad that I was not outside.

I did not have a lot of fish, but still a lot of fun. I even gained some expertise in casting the 1 weight in a 25 mph wind. Not long casts, but enough to catch fish.

Hope you can get out on the water.


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