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by Deanna Birkholm

The Ladyfisher

June 22nd, 1998

The Good News!

Each fly fishing magazine seems to have it's latest horror story about the terrible things happening in our sport. The degradation of water, over fishing, seasons closed, plus the latest on Whirling Disease.

Yes, they are trying to keep us informed. And somehow the 'bad' news always gets more publicity than any 'good' news. I suspect the television network news programs would all dry up and disappear if they didn't have the disaster and tragedy headlines.

Maybe if there was more 'good' news reported, people like us might get the idea that problems could be solved, and the world made a better place to live. That includes for the fish too.

To that point, here is some Good News!

FishAmerica Foundation awarded International Paper its Fisheries Legacy Award for the conservation work it did on Rocky Brook, a world-renowned river in New Brunswick, Canada known for its Altantic Salmon runs. This award is given to corporations which conduct projects that enhance aquatic habitat and fish populations.


The work on Rocky Brook involved a collapsed, century-old log driving dam which was virtually impassable to upstream migrating fish. A fisheries biologist and a team of workers, (employed by International Paper) removed the collapsed dam using chainsaws, come-alongs and hand tools. According to the fisheries biologist, removal of the dam will make a much easier slope for adult salmon to migrate.

During the Removal Work

Tom Marshall, managing director of FishAmerican, said "International Paper initiated this project on their own simply because it was a good idea. This dam removal will open up miles of the stream to salmon production."

Dennis Thomas, the Vice President of International Paper commented that he has fished Rocky Brook himself and wanted to ensure the river remains a viable run for salmon for many years to come.


Here the company, International Paper, took the initiative and did a good thing. Congratulations to them. They did not require special funding or an act of Congress - (in this case Parliament) to get the job done.

If there is a project you or your group have been thinking about, and you don't have the necessary funds to get it done, there is money available! The FishAmerica Foundation works to enhance the fish and water resources of North America through the reaction of innovation partnerships with individuals, industry, and government. The foundation has funded more than 450 hands-on water quality and fish population improvements in 48 states and Canada.

For more information contact Tom Marshall, FishAmerican Foundation 703-548-6338.

And if you have a 'Good News' story, I would like to hear about it, contact The Ladyfisher.

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