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July 13, 2009

Nothing Like Family

Nothing like having a bunch of family, (in this case really family since in my case "my" family seems to be shrinking) and here it is the 4th of July. What to do? Well, I spent the day fishing some trout ponds in central Montana with Tom and Crystal Travis, Captain Ryan and Captain Lindsey Travis, and the senior member of this clan, The Chronicle - Neil Travis.

This just could not have worked out better. I (we) got to spend the holiday with a couple of very special military members, who just happened to have the name 'Travis.' There were Captain Ryan and Captain Lindsey Travis, US Army, relative newlyweds both just back from deployment abroad; Ryan in Afghanistan, and his wife, Lindsey from the green zone in Iraq. They both flew out of Bozeman Montana on Monday morning for more schooling, and then they will ship out for another tour of overseas duty. Ryan has been offered a staff position at West Point after he completes his masters degree.

I probably don’t have to tell you how proud his mom Crystal and dad, well-known guide and internationally known fly tier Tom Travis, are for their kids. Tom planned and produced a super picnic lunch. We all piled up alongside the little lake and stuffed ourselves. What great fun.

fishing equipment

As you can see from the photos, outfitting this bunch for float tubing a lake is not a small job. But best of all, everyone had all and everything they needed and everyone caught fish. Trav [The Chronicler] had me set up first so I had the water to myself briefly which I can credit to my catching the first trout, a nice rainbow.

ladyfisher netting first fish

The Ladyfisher netting the first fish of the day

Capt. Ryan Travis

This is Capt. Ryan Travis, U.S. Army.

Capt. Leslie Travis

This is Capt. Lindsey Travis, U.S. Army.

Capt. Leslie and her trout

Capt. Lindsey Travis with her brook trout


After lunch the men decided to try another nearby pond, but just as everyone was about ready to flipper away a huge ugly black thunderstorm rolled in. We hung around for a while, but finally decided getting out, even with four-wheel drive might become difficult if we stuck around too much longer.

We did not keep any fish on this trip, but maybe the next time, they really were dandy healthy trout - you forget how big and fat trout can be when you’ve been away a long time.

You may have noticed at the beginning of this article I mentioned 'family' and the 4th. Of course I've know Trav, Tom, Crystal and their son Ryan for many, many years, but until very recently, they were not 'officially' family.

For a little while, I'm not going to tell you the entire whole story, but for right now, I will let you in on a little piece of the story. Note the name change.  "Trav", Neil Travis, Editor of Fly Anglers On-Line and the LadyFisher were married a week ago. Your LadyFisher is now very proud to be Deanna Travis.


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