from Deanna Lee Birkholm

July 06, 2009

Over the Hill


No, not the bear went over the mountain - I wanted you to see the beautiful hills I once called home. This is the Absaroka Mountains from Divide Creek Road, Park County, Montana.

This photo was taken by Neil Travis, part of a lovely slide show I’m hoping he will run in a future column.

I’m also hoping that by the time this column runs, I am actually there. I mean in Montana. It’s been a number of years since I’ve been back, and my body and soul are in desperate need of going home.

On top of that, this just happens to be about prime fly fishing time on some of the best water our country has to offer. You know, all those places in the hot magazines - some of us actually have been there - and before I’m not able to go again, I’m going.

The last ‘holiday’ turned out to be a disaster. Castwell died on Crooked Island without even getting one last cast off. I have decided to take a lesson from that experience.

I know you will understand. I will have complete computer access, the camera and video camera are going with me and I will try and share some of the best of Montana with you.

Stay tuned, I would hate to have you miss anything.

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