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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
December 29th, 2008

Something Weird Happened on the Way to...

Christmas? It came and went, not exactly unnoticed. With two feet and more of cold wet snow we sure weren't going anywhere.

What makes it weird is the snow started on December 17, we had gone out for a nice lunch (it was my birthday) stopped to pick up a few groceries and prescriptions from the pharmacy inside our huge market. It was snowing quite hard by the time we got home. We usually back into our driveway (which is a little uphill) so we can unload whatever from the trunk. My husband, JC, backed in, set the hand brake and the car slid about a foot or so downhill. Opps. We probably should have known right then we were going to have problems.

Little did we know.

About then the power went out. We have the 'power out' phone number under the phone receiver, this is the only phone (not cell) which works when the power goes out. I called and the operator said it would only be a couple of hours - and it was. Amazing since we've been without power on other occasions for as long as nine days. We decided not to crank up the generator but it is a real security blanket. Knowing how JC operates you just know there is extra gas and oil to keep the generator running as long as we need it.

I think we probably could get out right now if we really, really wanted to. JC has a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon and that will be soon enough. I did hitch a ride to the grocery store and post office with one of our neighbors Friday, the gentleman is a retired airline pilot and an excellent driver - who also owns a really nice four-wheel drive SUV.

We hadn't run out of that much, some pills needed to be picked up, but we were out of A&W Root Beer for ice cream floats. Getting serious.

Today is the 28th, so we've been stuck here for eleven days! Good grief.

So we did some reading, worked on the 'new' version of FAOL, ate more often, stared out the window mentally willing the snow to disappear. Shoveled. More snow. Shoveled. What the heck, more food!

We have a small Frazier Christmas tree, some red velvet bows here and there, and the top of one bookcase and one window sill covered with 'little houses.' Blame that on Castwell, he gave me a couple of unpainted porcelain miniature houses for my birthday I think, when we lived in Big Fork Montana. I bit. Years later, here is the collection, including 'little people' (you can't have a village without people.) During the off-season they all live in big plastic bins in the attic. Lots of neat memories. When I was painting a lot of Victorian houses, JC took me up to Port Townsend and I wrote down the 'authentic' color combinations on the restored (and new) homes. Just in case you are interested in this stuff, there is a terrific book, Painted Ladies on the wonderful Victorian homes. Just more fun to paint them accurately.

Maybe there is a frustrated artist in all of us. I know they sell a ton of these little unpainted houses at the craft stores. I even dug a phone number out for the company which makes them when my favorite source went out of business, they were happy to have my business.

It may seem odd, or weird perhaps, but we are so tied, involved with this website that we really don't have 'normal' lives any more. I am an avid reader, but again, a lot of what I read is involved with fly fishing. Not complaining, just saying I do have another side which you don't get to see.

So there, you've seen my little village. You just never know, do you? ~ The LadyFisher

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