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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

December 9th, 2002

Good Grief

Often when I'm working on my computer I have the television on. I'm not watching it, sort of a radio-type thing with pictures. (Younger folks don't remember the joys of radio with fascinating programs like the Green Hornet, The Shadow, Inner Sanctum and tons of others where you had to create your own pictures in your head.) Anyway, old habits die hard, so I 'listen' to tv.

A few days ago, when I heard a woman's voice, an attorney from Washington D.C., going ballistic about boycotting television coverage of a golf tournament, I stopped, looked up at the tv and soaked up her tirade in abject disgust.

The woman was black. She was very angry because another black person, Tiger Woods, had not pulled out of said tournament. Therefore, she was encouraging everyone to boycott Tiger Woods, any product he represents, the tournament, and the television network covering it. Now I apologize, because I hadn't been following this situation, but as I understand it, Tiger Woods was supposed to pull out because the private club (Augusta National) which owns the tournament doesn't allow women members. My first question was what does this have to do with Tiger Woods? Second question, how does boycotting a professional golfer, a television program or network change the rules of a private club? can women be so stupid?

Let's see, if women make up half of the US population, does that mean somewhere around half of our population is stupid? Or is it just the stupid ones who make big noises on tv? Before you decide I am racist, I didn't know what color the person was until I stopped, looked up and watched.

This reminds me of a vocal few who wanted to take on the fly fishing manufacturers saying things like "Waders make us look pregnant," "fly rod handles are too big," and "why can't we have fly rods in pretty colors?" I keep waiting for this bunch to complain the hooks are too sharp and hurt their fingers. There was a request some time ago for "Women Only Fly Water." What?

Reverse discrimination? The women want 'special consideration' because they are women, but men can't have a private club? What's with that?

Aren't there some things which are just better left alone? Private clubs, for whatever reason are private. If the Men's Choral Society has a rule which says participants must be men, so what?

If a piece of property has been owned for some years by a group, they built a club-house there years ago, their membership is restricted to men and the water they fish is private for members, what is the problem? Should the group be forced to allow membership to spin and bait fishers? Why? Exactly what is different when saying women should be allowed for membership?

And if there is a membership fee, which there usually is, and you can't afford to pay it, should they also be forced to rescind their fees to accommodate those who can't afford it?

But the private club which owns and hosts the Master's Golf Tournament should be required to allow women members? (The Masters, by the way, charges $25,000 for their membership fee.)

Good grief, isn't there anywhere in this country when a group can get together and enjoy each other's company without being invaded by others who don't really have reason to be there? Can't the guys have some 'guy time?'

There certainly are women's groups where men aren't members. That's called gal time. And it's just fine. I can just see the gals at the bachelor party, or the best man at the lingerie shower. (Well, he might enjoy it.) But you get the picture.

There are also various ethnic groups who have intellectual and social functions. They have the same background, frame of reference and speak a common language. Should they be required to take in anyone and everyone? Why?

Sure, women play golf. Women play tennis. Women play Major League Baseball. Women play National League Football and Hockey.........opps? They don't? How come?

What is there about our society where some feel everything must be absolutely inclusive? I don't want to see women everywhere, any more than I want to see men everywhere. I like to think we can be alone in our pursuits without forcing ourselves on anyone.

It may be the ultimate of political correctness, but to me, it's just dumb.

And frankly, as a women, I'm sick of these loud-mouth ninnies. They make me ashamed to be a woman. ~ LadyFisher

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