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by Deanna L. Birkholm

December 7th, 1998

Surfing Pays Off

I probably spend far too much time on a computer. But there are advantages! Besides my involvement with Fly Anglers On Line, I do get to go out on the world wide web and see who is doing what. As you might suspect most of the 'surfing' has to do with fly fishing.

You may already know there are a ton of fly fishing websites. Actually probably more than a ton. The search engine Yahoo lists 14 categories for fly fishing with 1239 entries. Alta Vista lists 200, and WebCrawler lists 39,224.

The point is that no matter what you are looking for in the fly fishing world, or what region of the world you may be interested in, it's likely to be on the world wide web! That's pretty neat! Sure does make researching a trip to anywhere easy.

We have a couple of trips scheduled for next year, and probably would take more if the cost wasn't so high. Just because we have this website doesn't mean we can afford to take very many airplane trips, we pay for our tickets just like everyone else. Sometimes we do get guiding or other things "comped" - that is without charge. Occasionally we will do a trade off of some kind which allows us to go somewhere, have a great fishing adventure, and then write about it. But not all that usual for us.

Most of the exotic trips you read about in the big-name fly fishing magazines are done that way. The writer (or occasionally the magazine publisher) will arrange a free stay somewhere in trade off for a good article on the place. Pretty common. But for most of us, those situations are not available. Heck, it is expensive just to get somewhere. And if you have to hire a guide the bucks disappear even faster. Without a guide, you might be just sloshing around without a clue!

But someone out on the web has come up with a really neat idea! Here is where the time I spent 'surfing' can pay off for you. Scott Maxwell, does the Lee's Ferry Page, (Colorado River at Lee's Ferry). As he says, "I just do the Lee's Ferry Page as a hobby, and because when I was looking at moving to this area it was hard for me to find basic information on the Ferry."

I don't know if Scott woke up one night in a cold sweat with this idea, but come up with it he did. The idea is trade a trip!

Scott says, "The trade-a-trip idea was one of those things that I just thought made sense and I couldn't find anyone else that was doing it. I think that it's still in it's infancy, and has the potential to be big."

He continues, " I was afraid that I would get criticism from the guides, but amazingly, about 1/3 or more of the participants are guides! I guess they figure if they take someone fishing for free and they are successful, they will tell others. The guides also get a chance to fish some new water. I think people who want to pay for guides and can afford it are still going to fish with the guides. I have not had any complaints yet."

So here is a great opportunity. If you have local water with fish - and you would be comfortable taking a friend fishing with you check this one out! TRADE A TRIP - TRIP PROPOSAL BOARD on Scott's Lee's Ferry website.

It's a win-win situation, a way to fish more - for less money! And maybe make some new fishing friends?

Thanks Scott!
~ Deanna Birkholm

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