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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

December 6th, 1999

The Week That Was

Thanks so much for asking, and your kind words to JC. He has made some improvement, but is still living in his recliner. His six broken ribs are healing and he is no longer coughing up blood. Our little minature dachshund has decided he will be the night nurse and sleeps on the floor next to JC. This is really quite something for a spoiled rotten little dog who normally sleeps between us in a Queen-sized bed under a down cover. We are thinking of re-naming him Nurse Harry Black. The doc says it will be at least another two weeks before JC is able to do much. It only takes a dog three days I'm told to re-adjust to changes.

There are some changes on the website this week as well. We welcome a new writer for the Panfish section, Geno Loro - he has also been in the Chat Room - so if you see him, please let him know we are all delighted to have him with us.

While we are welcoming people, you may be familiar with Ron Kusse. Ron is a sponsor of FAOL, (and we are very proud of that) and is one of the acknowledged masters in the building of cane rods. He will be in the Chat Room on Thursday to help with your questions or problems. He is a very neat man and is a real asset to this website. Thanks Ron!

We have also added a new Chat topic to the list. Salt Water Fishing! That one is on Saturday evening - JC will Host it for now, but if you are a salt-water enthusiast this might be the place for you to get involved and give back a little of that knowlege to others. That is what FAOL is all about.

When our technical administrator, Wizard, came to us with the ideas for the new bulletin board I was not enthuastic. We had comments from folks on the old Bulletin Board regarding how slow it was, posts were lost - just generally breaking down due to its size. Unlike our dog, I don't accept change too well. However the new Bulletin Board is a better system, and it has allowed folks to write some things they probably would not have written for, say our Readers Cast here. It is a place where they can tell about their favorite stream (Home Waters), who was the most influencial person in their becoming fly fishers - all sorts of neat topics. If you haven't read those you are in for a real treat. This is not just 'good stuff' it is excellent.

Finally for those who have read through this to find out if I will post a "formal" apology here, you might read any of the four apologies already on the Bulletin Board. Some have decided those weren't 'real' apologies. So for those who felt it was perfectly alright to engage in cyber financial terrorism because their motives are so pure, here is the first one:

posted 01 December 1999 12:18 AM

    " I apologize. I should have toned down the wording on Rupe's column. My read was not that it was racist, but he meant the 'Sovereign Nation' the Indian tribes have here inside of the USA. Not against the Indians as a race. And against what those 'Nations' are doing as a whole involving the fisheries of our country. As such I let it run as it was written. I felt it was politically incorrect, not racially incorrect. I was wrong. By letting it run it appeared to some as though FAOL is racist, for this I apologize. We are not; I am not. The LadyFisher is one quarter Indian herself, and took no offense. For any problems I may have caused I am sorry. It was a mistake on my part. The topic itself is now closed and will be submitted to the archives as is the normal method. JC Editor FAOL"

Apology is defined as: "apology - an acknowledgement of some fault, injury, insult, etc., with an expression of regret and a plea for pardon."

And so you just don't miss it,

"This article has been removed. It was inflammatory and probably should not have been run. I apologize again to any offended by it. Editor"

FAOL is not a 'political' website. We (I thought) were fishermen, shame on those who tried to make it one. ~ LadyFisher

If you would like to comment on this or any other article please feel free to post your views on the FAOL Bulletin Board!

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