This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm

December 1st, 2008

Catching Nothing, But,

In our part of the world we've had unseasonably warm weather. My husband JC and I have seen several large flights of migrating Canada geese over the past week. I was doing some fall clean-up in the yard and was stopped in my tracks with the sight and sound of geese just barely treetop high. What a treat!

A few of the hearty from FAOL gathered at Rocky Ford Creek this past weekend. (Rocky is a state-owned open to the public spring creek with huge rainbows which will rise to a dry fly.) There is an annual Fish-In at Rocky in the spring, around Mother's Day, and it usually draws a pretty good crowd. There is a bit of a tradition regarding fishing at Rocky on New Years Day too, the reports this past holiday were of a good catch with the exception of one who threatened to use nymphs. That's a big deal for one who has claimed to be a dry fly fisher. What fun. The point of fishing Rocky at this time of year is there are less people for sure, but the weeds die down after the first frost, allowing better sight fishing. Click on the Fish-In menu on the left side of the screen and you can read about the CWFI (Central Washington Fish-In) over the past several years. Having the ability to catch fish like that is absolutely marvelous.

You can't make memories if you don't make the effort to get out and go. It is called fishing.

Notice, it is not called catching.

One of the 'strings' on the Bulletin Board recently was from a fellow reasonably new to fly fishing who loves it, but is having trouble with the catching part. There was excellent advice from several people, how to improve the hooking, and which flies might be more successful. He will catch fish. I know that, because in his post he mentioned how much he was enjoying the other parts of fishing. His surroundings, seeing the wildlife, flora and fauna - and he was very much enjoying the comradeship of his fellow fly fishers. I think he already 'got it.'

It's not like I've ever been in a situation where I didn't catch anything (ya right) but I've certainly heard about it. And of course one can feel disappointed, perhaps at a loss as to what they didn't do right, a thousand things they could have done differently. Lots to chew on.

A reader from down under, recently joined this web site and he had posted how much he enjoyed the fact there weren't unending battles here, and the respect the readers seem to have for each other. That isn't new, but it is nice to hear it. To quote him, "FAOL is my last refuge of sanity."

We all live in a world which can be a bit frightening. Prospects for the next year will be what we make them. New leadership in our nation's capitol really doesn't make much of a dent in our day to day living. But the rhetoric isn't intended to encourage us. What we all must remember is that everything is within our power. All things.

The Thanksgiving holiday just passed, and too quickly we forget those things for which we are grateful. Sometimes we should just be grateful for 'catching nothing.' ~ LadyFisher

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