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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
November 27th, 2006

Running Away from Home

Elsewhere in this issue you will find comments about having to learn the basics or going back to basics when the method you use isn't working. That, of course, works for other parts of your life too, not just fly fishing. Unfortunately those articles tend to leave you with the idea there is so much to be learned it just isn't going to come together for a long time. Not true.

We are a country of very high expectations. We are used to 'instant gratification.' The average American family moves every three years. (No wonder real estate companies do well). We change locations and life styles on a whim. Don't like your vehicle? Out here it's zero down and minimum payments and you're into a new one. If you don't like a television program, find the remote and start surfing. There are a huge number of programs available (not enough John Wayne westerns for JC) and if that doesn't suit you, grab a movie or a dvd. We've about 'entertained' ourselves into a morass. Which, by the way, gets smuttier every day.

From where I sit, the instant gratification isn't working very well, and even though some fly fishing industry people are still hanging black crepe and moaning about gloom and doom, I don't see a decline in interest in fly fishing at all.

In fact, I see an increase in the very enthusiastic newcomers visiting Fly Anglers OnLine (FAOL) every day. My email re-enforces that as well. New people, looking for and finding, the information they need to get started in fly fishing.

See, I told you all the information highway worked for fly fishing too!

Fly fishing success may not come instantly, and yes there ARE basics to be learned, but just the act of fly fishing itself can be instant gratification. Even just thinking about fishing can do the trick!

We all have stresses in our daily lives. No matter who you are or where you live, there are times when we must deal with that stress. Handled so we maintain our sanity and continue to be productive, reasonably adjusted human beings.

For many people, fly fishing is a way to deal with stress. Actually fly fishing encompasses so many things one can get caught up in any one of them and be happily distracted. It can be the various challenges in learning or improving skills, creating flies or fly rods, investigating insects and fish and how they interact. . .enough to occupy ones mind for many years. Certainly a way to 'unplug' from the worries of work and home. We need to do that to have balance in our lives.

And in the most simple form, fly fishing isn't about catching fish, or counting numbers, it is just being where the fish live.

It is an adult version of the little kid and their tiny suitcase running away from home. ~ LadyFisher

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