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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
November 26th, 2007

As Interesting As You Make It

I've made a point to have the facts lined up, as well as the various witnesses notified so they would be available as needed. How is that for a 'narrative hook?'

A narrative hook is a devise used by writers to literally 'hook' or 'catch' a reader so they are interested enough to read your whole story. You'll notice television stories usually have something pretty dramatic to make sure you stick with the story and are waiting for the story to continue after the commercials. It can be called a 'page-turner'- even a 'cliff-hanger'.

One of my favorites is Snoopy laying on his back at the center of his dog house roof, staring at the typewriter, with a single line typed: "It was a dark and stormy night..."

There, you've had your Creative Writing 101 lesson for the day. No matter, you're still here, so here is the rest of the story, a bit disjointed because of phone calls, email messages, a tropical fish tank which is growing things never intended, and a couple of physical problems which just don't seem to have the good sense God gave fence posts.

I've missed some of my annual 'chores' - some more pleasure than others, such as picking out and carving an annual pumpkin for Halloween. A very common thing across America - except for us this year. The shoulder just doesn't allow that much activity, and being right handed I didn't have the option.

Not that I couldn't have a happy pumpkin, the photo below, is the end (in my mind) the end of any proper Halloween. Good Grief - Painted Pumpkins? No baked pumpkin seeds?

I usually plant various spring bulbs, tulips and such - but not this fall. At least yet. I haven't given up, my surgeon says 'maybe' just not yet.

I've spent more time reading, 'looking around' just watching, I've done a little baking too, actually followed the pre-presidential 'debates' 'tho I sure wouldn't vouch for the honestly of any of them. And one other thing - I've wanted to ind some kind of winter hobby I could do on a cold winter evening in front of the fireplace. I have considered fly tying, not to fish with, but for the sake of tying; Atlantic Salmon Flies. We have the best tying instruction in our Atlantic Tying series here, so I don't have any excuse at all. Except it isn't what I want to do right now.

So I spent some time last week looking at quilting designs and fabrics. I did a little quilting when I was a kid, I don't remember much, probably part of a quilt we made for Girl Scouts. If you think the state of pumpkins has changed, surprise! Quilting is a huge industry now - and the little town we lived in, Big Fork, Montana, is home of one of the largest and best quilting suppliers. Wow! And they have a quilt based on saltwater fish of the Bahamas! Another WOW!

So here is a free plug - you can find them on the Internet of course, (Have to keep Montana green!)

Pine Needles also has all kinds of fishing quilts, some nice trout, other 'outdoor' themes, really neat stuff. This is usable/wearable art. I happen to know not everyone who takes up ' fiber art' is a woman.

I know several men who knit, a couple who crochet, one who does needlepfoint (actually he taught me how to do needlepoint when I was a kid - Rosie Greer) If you are interested, hey, go for it. Life can be as interesting as you make it.

It does look like we have some real healing happening, although I've never been really big on patience, it does appear I may get through this.

Some nice things are in store for all of us (especially you) a couple of new writers, some different things for you to try, let's hope we can rack up a little personal growth for 2008. ~ The LadyFisher

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