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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

November 15th, 2004

It's Not World Wide Wrestling

In last weeks column I hoped to encourage folks to get back to reality and to be the kind of folks we are accustomed to here on FAOL. It didn'thappen.

Mostly fly fishers are the very best folks in the world. But following the election, there seems to be a hangover of sorts, or maybe folks are just out of sorts. Regardless, it's a while before cabin fever and the shack nasties should be setting in.

But for whatever reasons some are taking every opportunity to snipe and fire shots about things which weren't even vaguely intended. I heard on the radio there are shrinks setting up therapy and support groups for people still in shock or denial at the results of the presidential election. Perhaps that would help.

My grandmother would have had a solution. She was a very basic person, Dutch, who immigrated to the US at a very young age. Her standards were biblical and simple. The 'Golden Rule' was not an option. I'm serious. It also was not open for debate.

There are some things which are not open for debate on FAOL either. There are rules for posting on the Bulletin Board. Before someone signs up they are required to agree to them. I'm sure a lot of folks don't bother to read them until they get their knuckles rapped, but if you are in question of what they are - best read them. Better safe than sorry?

We don't require registration for the Chat Room, but we do expect common courtesy to prevail.

This is an excerpt from one of my columns in April of 2002:

Back to grandmother. She had a little saying which somehow ended up on a tape in my head. "Wouldn't life be nice if everyone treated their families as well as they treat company?" It doesn't matter if we are talking about husband and wife or the kids. And of course this is a two-way street. Is any company in your home more important than your family? Everyone in the family has to understand they are required to behave in that manner. And you know what? It works!

Courtesy and kindness seem to be in short order these days. It was much better in the days right after 9/11. But the stress of everyday living seems to have diluted the milk of human kindness since then.

There was even a comment on the Bulletin Board lately about the lack of courtesy showing up. I will apologize, because it is my fault. There have been some posts which should have either been edited or removed. Some I left because I felt the true nature of the person ranting came out loud and clear. Perhaps too loud and clear. I hesitate to remove or edit posts sometimes so as not to discourage folks from posting to the board. But, (grandmother again), "if you have your feet under my table, you obey house rules."

Our Bulletin Board has grown substantially over the past six months, and no doubt there are many who are used to somewhere else. We are aware of the problem, and I will try to do a better job of monitoring it and keeping it the sort of Bulletin Board we can all be proud of.

It boils down to if you post on the FAOL Bulletin Board, we all have our feet under the same table, it just happens to be mine. Let's see if we can all treat each other as "company."

We've removed a couple of people from the Bulletin Board. They couldn't abide by the rules, they are gone.

I had an email asking about "all these people being banned from the Chat room" - well folks, there are five who are banned from the chat, three are smart mouthed kids. None are likely to be allowed back. They can't be courteous and mannerly, too bad. Gone.

Life is too short to have ones gut twisted because someone else is behaving badly. We've gone through a very life-threatening ordeal here and know there are many who read FAOL who have similar situations. What they don't need (or us either) is to come to FAOL and find a war going on. We didn't allow it during the election and we aren't going to allow it now.

It is not just for that reason I am writing this. This is a huge website with tons of information for those looking for help. Our front/main page says:

"The Fraternity of Fly Fishers"

and that is what it is supposed to be.

This isn't world wide wrestling. And it's not going to be. ~ DLB

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