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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

November 12th, 2001

Let's Roll

Have you ever played dominos? Or perhaps seen the intricate patterns set up where one domino triggers a complex reaction? What would happen if just ONE of the dominos was missing?

The attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon two months ago set off a huge string of dominos. The anthrax scare was like doing a fast-forward on the feelings of Americans - and most everyone in the whole world.

Sitting here on the west coast, we had 17 days without one piece of mail from the east coast. The 'trickle down' effect of the attacks has impacted us all. From the big business to the local fly shop . . .everyone has also been hurt financially.

People have reacted with anger, fear, and most of all frustration. We've holed up, licked our wounds and hung onto every dime. On the other hand, we've all wanted to "do something" - contribute money to the families of the attack, somehow anything to make a difference.

Years ago someone sent me an invoice with a little phrase printed in red, "Please pay us so we can pay them." This is where the dominos come in. Just one missing domino stops the game and stops progress.

Have you seen the ads on television for new cars with NO INTEREST? Why do you think the car manufacturers would do that? Because no one is spending any money. One of our local big chain supermarkets just had a beef and seafood sale. The prices were so low people were stacked six deep at the counters. The manager told my husband it was the second largest day the store ever had. They did it because - right. And yes, we stocked up too.

I'm asking you to do something. Something specific. Stand up! Put your shoulders back, unbutton your shoulders from your ears and get your chin up. Gather your family and get out of the house. Shut the TV off, turn the computer off, and go for a ride. Treat the family to a Hot Fudge Sunday, a hamburger, a movie, dinner, anything! Stop huddling in front of the war. If you find the war news on TV is interfering with your emotional welfare and family life, TURN IT OFF.

If you have bills you haven't paid because you've been hanging onto every dime 'just in case,' get the checkbook out and pay the bills.

We must stop living in fear. Did you have a trip planned before the attack? Then go! One of our Chat Room Hosts, Dave Ulmer (Host slicfoot) is in Costa Rica fishing right now. Others who were supposed to go on the same trip chickened out. Another of our readers David (Scud) Yates went to Alaska salmon fishing a couple of days after the attack. (If you didn't read his story it's: Fishing Vs Catching.) My husband JC and I have a trip planned to the Bahamas in early spring for bonefish. We are going! Now let's see, what do we need for flies? And while I'm thinking about it, we will need a new pump for the little pond in the spring. Maybe if I buy it now the store will still be there in the spring. Why put it off? Can one person make a difference? Absolutely!

What do you need? Supplies for fly tying? Go buy them - or order them from one of our Sponsors. Been dreaming about a new fly rod? So what's your excuse? Your fly line need replacing? Do it. Want a new reel? Get it.

You may not have noticed through this whole mess, Fly Anglers OnLine has been here. The same place, the best in information, every week. Without fail. Are we going to cut back because of fear of the unknown? Not on your life. (Or mine.) What are we doing? We are upgrading our servers. We are starting some new sections - the first will be Tying Salmon and Spey Flies. Ronn Lucas, Sr. has stepped forward to produce that new series for our fly tiers. Just a bit later, a new series on Fishing Lakes will start, and towards spring a Float Tubing series.

We are going forward. I encourage you to stop being reactionary. Get out and do things you enjoy. Make your plans, let those around you know YOU are not living in fear. We do need to be aware and alert, but we don't want - or need to live in terror. In case you forgot, THIS IS AMERICA! ~ LadyFisher

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