This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm

November 3rd, 2003

And Touch the Face of God

There are a few places in this world which have evoked the feeling that I am actually in the presence of a supreme being. I'm not going to go all mushy on you, but one has become a favorite - I love the Bahamas. Not so much the islands themselves, although we have stayed and fished at some nice places...The biggie for me is flying in on a small plane and watching the sea unfold below me. The color is beyond technicolor or whatever phrase the movie industry has come up with to describe its latest version of "in color."

It is a combination of earth and sea and sky which intertwine and form a moving swirl of coral sand in gigantic finger paintings which merge and morph into yet more pictures. Turquoise opals which haven't been created yet.

Traveling in a boat across the channels and deep water to yet another flat, I'm hanging off the side of the boat (well not literally, my head is) watching the images flash by. Sea palms and fronds, starfish, blue holes all appear and in turn disappear to become something else. Perhaps a deserted wreck, (wonder how that happened and why no one has done anything about it.) Later I discover the wreck is also home to several schools of fish. Even our fish of the day, bonefish.

Our trip to South Andros last February had a storm day. I went out in the storm and tromped up the beach - the rain really came sideways for a while, and I was soaked - but it was warm and I would eventually dry. The wind blew the tops off the waves and piled foam on top of the next wave. Breath taking. The sea churned up shells which I gathered and took back to the veranda. A few of the smaller shells made it back home with us - most were re-deposited on the beach for the next beach walker to find. I think I found four or five different kinds of coral. And a lot of stuff I couldn't begin to name.

Yet on this remote beach, I'm only a short walk away from a fresh cup of coffee and the comfort of civilization. Better than civilization, Emerald Palms Resort.

We leave Wednesday night on the red-eye again for South Andros. It is becoming a habit. Not a very convenient one at that - it's a full day (or night) plus to get there from Seattle. I do understand why so many people go to Mexico or Belize - simply, it's closer. If the Bahamian Tourism people ever convince an airline to do a direct flight from Houston, Texas it would make the trip much easier for the American west coast people. Even with flying all night, we will actually put foot on S. Andros at two in the afternoon the next day.

My husband, Castwell (also known as JC), is piling stuff on the davenport again, just a bit deeper this time as we are taking some goodies with us for our friend.

I'll probably get sunburned again, but the BullFrog is already on the pile to go. (So is the stuff to take the pain out of the probable sunburn.) We have made a few trips to the electric beach in years past to help avoid a sunburn, but time ran out on us this year. We'll return on the 13th of November, and a new issue of FAOL will go up the next Monday.

There will not be a new issue for the week of November 10th.

I do feel guilty about leaving and not being able to put up a regular issue, but trust me - we need a break. We'll come home rested, with memories of great fish and my color vision of the sea and great expanses of flats will be renewed for a while.

See you all for a new issue on Monday, November 17th! ~ The LadyFisher

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