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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
October 29th, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

We are still playing 'catch-up' after the trip to Idaho. I have email that still isn't answered, a couple new Sponsors to get up (really neat, just wait until you see them) and we're both recovering from what I think I will call old age. Well, not really - but I'm sure I recovered faster a few years ago.

This week brings the end of the month - another Monthly Drawing, if you haven't entered this month's Drawing for the Ott-Lite for your fly tying, get in now. You have pretty good odds, Ott-Lite is giving away six lights!

There is a surprise for next month - make sure you check it out too.

This week is almost a complete issue for your reading pleasure. Many thanks for the wonderful stories and articles you are sending in. Just outstanding, I think many of you will be very pleasantly surprised at how nice the articles by our readers - (just like you) came out. One of our readers asked if I was serious about wanting the articles - he said he couldn't imagine any fly fishing publication that would do that. I reminded him we have been doing the Fly of the Week, AND the Readers Cast for several years - and really, everyone does enjoy them. So don't be shy, if you have a story, write it up and send it this way. Just send to

At the Idaho Fish-In we met some new folks, something we really enjoy, and one of the interesting comments was how nice everyone seemed to be. By the end of the week they figured out it was real. For example, Joe Hyde came in a day early and camped next to DanBob and his dad and Ken. They immediately adopted Joe, made sure he had the flies he needed and when they fished, Joe had folks to fish with. I'm so proud of the companionship and kindness between all of our FAOL folks. It's very easy to see at a Fish-In, but you can see it on the bulletin board with folks helping out each other - sometimes it's just information, sometimes encouragement with a difficult situation, but the support you only get between people who honestly care about each other. In today's world, it seems everyone is out for themselves - the "me" generation.

It isn't the way it is here, and we're very grateful - and yes, proud too.

The folks at the Three Rivers Lodge, and Rusty Gates at Gates Lodge in Michigan both made a point of commenting on what a neat group the Fish-In folks were - and in fact, both commenting to us that the FAOL group was the very best they had EVER had at the lodge. Makes us very proud to be part of it.

My schedule is very involved right now, I have therapy for the shoulder three times a week. I don't know why, but that seems to kill those three days, so I'm still running behind. If you have a problem - or something you'd like to discuss, I do check email a couple times a day - and the phone is with us if we are not in the office. Do not feel it is an imposition to call us.

For the new folks who have only recently joined the ranks - spend some time going through the left-hand index. There is a huge amount of information here - and it is to share... and all free of course. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

For me, I'm going to find my nice clean bed and pj's and crawl off for a few hours. Hugs all. ~ The LadyFisher

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