This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm
October 20th, 2008

It's All Good

The past two weeks have been a bit unnerving even if one isn't holding a lot of stock or a home mortgage with a bank which just folded. The fall out will probably hang around long enough to effect the upcoming election. And there are those who feel some things have been 'arranged' to rattle the American public. I'm glad I have faith in our country, regardless of the idiots who seem to run things. I do have faith it will all work out and not all that far down the line either. On the other hand, we aren't that far from the Canadian border.

The good news is the reality of who we are, and what we consider to be of value doesn't change. I can sum it up in two words. Fly fisher. Or, fly fisherman, fly angler…

Fly fishing is a thing. An entity. It really exists.

You can be as large or small a part of fly fishing as you choose. In the largest sense, fly fishing is a community, a family. If you question that at all, spend some time on the Fly Anglers OnLine (FAOL) Bulletin Board. FAOL of course is just a part in the world of fly fishing. Similar groups exist all over the world – groups where you would be welcome and comfortable. Like minded people who have gathered together to share the experience, learn from each other and form friendships which enhance our lives for many years.

There are expectations in the world of fly fishing. We cherish the places where fish are found - we try to protect them, restore them, and educate others as to the importance of this wonderful resource.

Fly fishing has a history, and even traditions. (Including the tweed adorned fly fisher with a tie of course, fishing upstream and dry.) The traditions do include sportsmanship and respecting game laws. There is no restriction on changing those laws where necessary either. Part of the responsibility of being a fly fisher, to be aware and involved.

There is something about sharing something we love, knowing others see and feel the same way which is immensely satisfying. Comforting and safe. (And God knows we could all use a little safety.) But it is true. Those who have a regular fishing buddy, or who perhaps have attended a Fish-In understand the feeling of being connected. A familiarity with people you have just met, almost perfect strangers – come together to share a few days (or a life-time) of fishing. Where just being there is almost enough. The fishing is a bonus, well not the fishing exactly, but the catching.

It is all good. To be a fly fisher. To be part of the fabric of fly fishing. To be here with friends who care. For a little while, to be safe. Welcome home. ~ The Ladyfisher

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