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by Deanna L. Birkholm

October 19th, 1998

New Releases of Old Books

We received a new catalogue this week from The Lyons Press. Being a 'book person' (who is running out of book shelving again) I spent a couple of hours drooling over new titles.

One in particular struck my fancy. The Quotable Fisherman, Edited by Nick Lyons. This is a collection of more than 350 memorable quotes about the pleasure and passion of fishing. Some by writers you may have read, and some from time past. A lovely way to spend a blustery winter weekend.

The surprise, (and a most pleasant one) was the number of new releases of old books! Nick Lyons is the author of eighteen books himself, most of them on fly fishing, so it makes perfect sense he would have the knowledge and appreciation for the old books. Especially on fly fishing! He is a rather accomplished fly angler.

Here are some of the older titles to look for at your favorite book seller. The descriptions of the books are direct from the catalogue, ( my comments in parenthesis.)

  • FLY-TYING, Helen Shaw. No book has taught more serious fly tiers the basic skills of fly tying. ( Our old copy is badly dog-eared and worn.)

  • THE ATLANTIC SALMON, Lee Wulff. "If you want to know about Atlantic Salmon - everything from the fish's natural history to what makes it rise and how to catch it - you should read this one book."- Fly Fisherman. (I thought this one was available only from book collectors!)

  • BLUEFISHING, Henry Lyman. What the saltwater angler needs to know about the bluefish, "Classic". - Philadelphia Inquirer.

  • A MODERN DRY-FLY CODE, Vincent C. Marinaro. A classic and revolutionary work on dry-fly fishing with aquatic and terrestrial artificials. (Also the ultimate authority on what and how trout see. Probably nothing influenced our fly fishing for trout more than this one book.)

  • IN THE RING OF THE RISE, Vincent C. Marinaro. A startling and penetrating look at trout behavior - with insights that have been hailed by a generation of fly fishers. (JC and I included!)

    On a budget? Several of the Swisher and Richards books are now available in Paperback:

  • EMERGERS - Examine the emergence patterns of trout-stream insects and many effective new fly patterns and fishing techniques.

  • FLY FISHING STRATEGY - A classic system of practical fishing techniques - cast, approaches, patterns, and equipment - that every fly fisher can use.

  • SELECTIVE TROUT - A guide to choosing the proper fly and presentation to catch trout. (Really the book that launched Swisher and Richards.)

    Also available in Paperback:

  • MEASURE OF THE YEAR, Roderick L. Haig-Brown. This memorable book offers the best of Haig-Brown's reflections on life.

  • RETURN TO THE RIVER, Roderick L. Haig-Brown. The classic story of the Chinook run and of the men who fish it.

  • FISHERMAN'S SUMMER, Roderick L. Haig-Brown. A loving portrait of the author's home rivers of British Columbia, their fish, their history, and their future. (Roderick Haig-Brown is considered one of the finest fishing writers of our time.)

    Gratefully the publishing world is alive and well - and continues providing the fly fishing world with the printed word. The web and the internet are a tremendous information resources. And we are committed to it. But there is nothing like a book!

    ~ Deanna Birkholm

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