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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

October 18th, 1999

So Do Your Duty

We have some interesting stuff on our local and state ballots this fall. JC and I requested 'absentee' ballots the past couple of years. If we get swamped with things we must do (or if we have to be out of town) we still get to vote. We get two Voters Pamplets, one from the state and one from the county. There is a lot of information in them, and since we made the decision we would vote, we actually read them.

The two biggies on the State ballot are reducing license tab fees to $30 (instead of an artificial value of the vehicle) and the Initiative to prohibit commercial net, troll, and trawl fishing.

I will be surprised if both measures do not pass. The frustration level on taxes here in Washington state, and the terrible mismanagement of the salmon were bound to produce these initiatives. I recall hearing recently where Washington state ranks 6th in the country for high taxes.

Getting to your local polling place can be difficult, and you might find it easier and less hassle if you call your local county auditor and request an Absentee Ballot. And once you have done that, the ballots are sent automatically. It's a small thing to do. There is just something about having voted that makes you feel good.

Maybe like having done your duty. ~ LadyFisher

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