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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
October 13th, 2008

Films On the Way

It is beginning to look like fall here - we have one Full Moon maple tree in the front yard which turns before the other local trees. It has turned. The next one is a beautiful palmated maple and it isn't quite ready, but when it is it literally stops traffic. Not that we have all that much traffic, but it is wonderful. It is a shade of red I don't see anywhere else. I'll try and get a photo of it when it turns.

Unfortunately it is also a problem. If we sit on our front deck it blocks the view of the water. We can see the water from other places, it is just an example of the prior planning we did when we planted the tree. Don't believe what everyone tells you - or what it says on the label either. The tree was sold as a 'dwarf.' Opps.

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.

On our recent trip to the Idaho Fish-In, we took our digital movie camera. I thought I knew enough about it to take some little clips, and some turned out okay. Some didn't, and I wasted about an hour of shooting time. It seems the off switch has to be employed or the camera keeps running. Even with the lens cap on. That was one big wasted duh.

I've kind of let the cat out of the bag - by mentioning movies. If you follow the happenings on the Bulletin Board, you may be aware of the current movie we have up and running. It is of an old television interview on the now extinct NBC Sunday Today show and our friend Ron Kusse. We also put the interview on Ron's own website.

Getting a site ready to show film via the Internet takes a little doing, but our guru, Ron Tidd, has done it. The next step is to get some more professional clips shot. JC and I plan of spending some time this week, while the weather is still nice, and do some casting film clips. Short pieces which we can load so you can visually compare your own casting to JC's. It should speed up the learning curve on improving casting problems.

We've also asked some of our Sponsors if they have film which they would like us to use on their Sponsor pages. This would allow you to see new products in action, so to speak.

We've doing some other things to make FAOL a bit easier to use, but so far the movie is the only really visible thing you can see.

Stay tuned, we're making progress. ~ The Ladyfisher

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