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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

October 13th, 2003

Got a Question?

We get some 'interesting' email. The word 'interesting' is used in the same context as a friend of ours, a pastor, uses to bail himself out when presented with a newborn for baptism. All babies are not beautiful or handsome (except to their families) and he really searched to find a non-offensive term to use to the parents. He finally settled on, "My, what an interesting baby!" With a smile of course.

One recent email request asked:

I saw your section on the guide placement for fly rods and it's very interesting, but can you please do a section on placing casting guides on a casting rod with all the different sized guides needed.

Or this one:
I will go fishing whenever I get the free time. When The clouds are out and it starts to look like rain, I get bummed out! I decided to go yesturday and the weather sucked! I went anyway and did not have any luck. Then I went this morning and the weather was perfect...still didn't have any luck. Is it possible that the area I like to fish was just not very active or was I not reading the hatch properly this morning?

Any idea where I can get a ferrule to restore an old Southbend Bamboo Fly rod?

From Brazil:
Please send me your free brochure
Thank you...
On Castwell's Knot in the Knot section:
This knot appears to be a sheet bend, but with the standing and free ends reversed from the configuration in which it is often tied.

Do you know if using Silicone grease (Electrolube) will damage cortland 444sl lines. If so what is the best method.

Another question:
Hello: . . . I came upon your forum, and web site through a search for "Orvis Zephyr". There was only one result through Google and it was a article written by a gentleman by the name of Rapp if my memory serves me correctly.

I would appreciate it if I could post a question on your forum about a rod that apparently belonged to my father who passed away almost 8 years ago. I just discovered this rod in an aluminum tube on a top, narrow, closet shelf to which no one had apparently climbed up to look clear in the back. It appears to have never been used. I was hoping to just get some information about this rod which is a 9', 2 3/4 oz, 3 piece, Zephyr which looks like the serial number, or production number on the end of the rod is 0781.I understand these folks make good quality fly rods.

I was not sure where to post my question. I see you have "Things For Sale", and "Things Wanted", but to be honest I really do not want to sell it. I would just appreciate some information on things like "what kind of fishing (fish), or application would it have been used for.

If you would allow me to post a question to your forum to see if I could get some information it would be appreciated.

Thank You

Or about the recent Fish-In:
What was the average cost of the fish in this year just curious. Always read the articles and wish I was there. Originally from CA 2 years ago seems like a lifetime and miss the clear open rivers.

An occasion pat on the back:
Comments: Hi Y'all
Thanks for the wonderfull web site you work so hard on for our benefit. I think I spend more time on your site than any other activity!!

Here's a serious one:
Please could you give me some real guidance in terms of a new fly rod purchase. I have several fly rods (don't we all!), among them the following:
Orvis Superfine #2,
Orvis TLS #4,
T&T Vector #4,
( I love a #4 rod!)
Scott SAS #5,
Orvis "Limestoner" #6,
Orvis TL #10 (for salt water),

Now, with this arsenal of rods, I am still unsatisfied for the following reasons:
The Orvis #4 (mid action 8.5), is a nice rod, but is a poor performer on short to medium distance when using a #4 line. Short distance casting is difficult to achieve as the rod will not load. \For long distance, I find that with almost a full line aerialised the rod collapses, ruining all the effort. Most frustrating!. Lining up one weight is in my opinion superfluous, as you loose all the advantage of the delicacy of presentation that a #4 line would offer.The T&T on the other hand is a generally better performer, but also suffers the same problems as the Orvis on the shorter distances.

I think that these rods are made to satisfy the people that are hooked on distance casting only.

I need a rod that will deliver small flies gently at short distances, between 10 and 20 metres, without more than say one false cast and minus the attendant frustration.

The question is, would there still be a place for a Hardy Perfection glass rod. In other words, would it provide any advantage over what I already have, or do I need to consult a good casting instructor?

Any constructive advise in this regard will be most welcome.

I suppose you are wondering what I do with these. If I know the answer, I'll send a reply - in fact I send a reply to every 'real' email (no spam please). Often I suggest the writer register for the Bulletin Board and post the question there. And most do! Which gives us all something to think about.

I do recommend other websites which may have the answer, or individuals who are more 'into' various aspects of our sport.

What I do find especially interesting is the number of people who find FAOL from doing a search. Folks from many others countries looking for answers land on FAOL. (Not exactly like passing GO and collecting some bucks, but close enough.) I hope they find enough answers to want to continue using this website as a resource.

In fact, that is why we call FAOL "The Information Place."

Got a question? ~ The LadyFisher

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