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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
October 6th, 2008

More Idaho

We've been making a fall trip to Idaho for a number of years now. One comes to expect certain things, mostly good or great, and we weren't disappointed this year either.

That's our happy little red Sebring - in front of the Lowell sign - if you look beyond the car and sign, you can see across the Lochsa River to the Three Rivers Resort. This has been 'home' to the Idaho Fish-In since it started. The sign is between the Wilderness Cafe and the little store and gas station. Add the motel next door and you have the whole town. Almost anyway.

Yes, that is me drinking my second pot of morning coffee at the cafe. The cafe is a great meeting place, good food and reasonable prices. No one went hungry.

What you see above is a rack of roasting oysters. JC did his annual 'thing' and brought a cooler of fresh oysters from the Pacific coast. They were cooked in their own juices until they opened and then served with melted butter flavored with liquid smoke. Not everyone was willing to try them, but those who did had a real treat.

Don't you just love it when you are ambushed? I'm trying to get a photo of Jack Hise and his brother Ron. Ron lives in Idaho, and Jack lives in Tennessee. They hadn't seen each other, or had a chance to fish together in a long while. What a nice treat for both of them. So nice to see. Isn't that what a Fish-In really is about? Friendships?

And family too. I did get a nice photo of the Hise brothers.

JC took the next three photos. It is me on another day. This is way up the Selway River, about an hour from 'camp.' There are rocks directly behind me, so it required a high backcast.

The results of that backcast are above. This is also why one practices their casting. If you don't know how to make a cast, this is not the time or place to learn. Notice the clarity of the water. Not much chance of the fish not seeing you. The last photo is a roll-cast pick-up, note the tip of the rod is on the left side.

If you have the opportunity to attend a Fish-In, do yourself a favor and go. We know the economy isn't great (things are tight in our world too,) but if you start a change jar now (each night when you get home, put your loose chance in a jar or coffee can where you can see it accumulate) you will have enough for a trip next year. You will make friendships and memories to last through many long cold winters.

To all who made it to Idaho this year, it was great to see everyone, we pray you stay happy and well. We will meet again! ~ The Ladyfisher

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