This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm
September 24th, 2007

Blue Bunny?

The piles are getting taller. You can take that any which way you chose - the davenport is unusable (at least for sitting) and new territory has been claimed by the 'official' trip packer. (That would be my husband, JC.) I know we make just too big a deal about packing anyway. Most everywhere has hot running water and soap. Hand laundry may not be popular, but hey, it works. In fact, I hear some towns have do-it-yourself coin laundries now.

We all have our little quirks - in my case they qualify more like foibles. That's a fun word, but better yet, my foibles will probably keep us from starving. Since I've quit smoking (ya, I know) I have developed a craving for ice cream. We have ice cream many evenings before bed, and JC is now finding something else to 'worry' about - me gaining weight from the ice cream. Just can't win, you know? Well anyway, just to keep you in the loop as to how compulsive some of us can become, I called Maria (the owner of the Three Fork Lodge where the next fish-in is being help) and asked if they had any of the wonderful Blue Bunny Ice Cream drumsticks left. Since there is a refrigerator in our log cabin, I asked Marie to stash a couple drumsticks in our freezer so we could have our treat. We'll get in late, and I don't think Maria would appreciate me pounding on their door. She was happy to do that for us. Nice treat!

Long-time readers Fritz-Fratz turned us on to the Blue Bunny Ice Cream years ago, we are really limited as to which ones are available out here. It is wonderful ice cream - really - so why on earth would you want to stock it ONLY as a diet product? Now that just isn't right.

It was nice to see JC tying flies this week. He was only short a couple of patterns, all caddis, so he got to work and got the job done. He had some problems finding some yellow dry-fly hackle, but he did find some locally (which is the poorest quality hackle I've ever seen) and eventually went to coloring white hackle yellow with a felt marker. Got the job done and that's what was required. The main reason we have the Idaho Fish-In at this time of the year is the available insects, caddis. Large bugs that even an 'oldie' like me can see them on the water. How neat is that? Size 12 October caddis.

According to Denny Conrad, one of the Hosts of this years Idaho Fish-In, the Fish-In looks like it may be the biggest we've had in the west by far. We did have a huge crowd for one of the years we held a Fish-In at the Delaware River Club, in New York, 150 I think, but the fishing certainly wasn't what it had been represented to us at all. And let's face it, we all want at least an opportunity/possibility to catch fish.

We'll get the clothes and rods packed up after dinner tonight, and I will put up a somewhat smaller issue for the next week or two and try and get some rest so we can hit the road early tomorrow morning. It is a ten hour drive for us, and if we were smart we'd make it a two-day run, but I can't convince JC to do that yet.

You might check the Bulletin Board from time to time - I know some folks will have their computers and they may want to keep the rest of you informed on what you are missing.

Hold the fort, we shall return - hopefully with some photos to share too. ~ The LadyFisher

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