This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm
September 17th, 2007

Life Is Good

You know you're in trouble when you can't find your waders. Either pair. That means I haven't been fishing for either freshwater or saltwater fish in far too long.

Then I had the rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder and another six weeks with no fishing - or at least no serious fishing since I can't double haul with my 'off' hand well enough to count as fishing. So why am I even trying to find the waders? I am recouperating well and will try some very gentle casting in a couple of weeks.

Nothing like being an optimist, but we are going to Idaho for the Fish-In and I would like to fish. I did spend a little time thinking about not fishing - in terms of if I was a non-fishing spouse, what would I want to be doing for a week in Idaho? A couple good books would go anyway - it does rain and there is something really lovely about curling up with a book and blanket and listening to the rain on the roof. If one is lucky enough to have a first class husband to curl up with too, it can be a extremely nice afternoon...evening?

I promised JC I'd find and take the Dr. Alexander Smiths mushroom book too. Last year we happened on some very nice wild mushrooms which we added to our steak fry, and I think I remember where they are.

I have a travel-sized watercolor pad and some watercolor pens which are really watercolors - and they aren't big enough to do a large painting, but you can do a nice color sketch - which if you take shoot some digital photos too, will give you really good research work for doing some serious pieces this winter.

Over the years I've collected some odd bits. Things like pieces of tree bark in unusual colors and forms. Several kinds of tree mosses can be combined and displayed as a neat reminder of summer past. If you have the room in packing, put in a couple of the plastic boxes you use for food storage. They hold up well and will keep things from getting crushed at least until you can get home.

Last year over at Lowell Idaho, Mark's mother, Rosemary was collecting rocks. I will tease her about that again this year - but she had a lot and they were ROCKS, not little pebbles or stones. She didn't have anything particular in mind for them, but she said she'd find a good use.

I do want to make sure I have the extra charger for the camera - we never seem to have enough 'scenic' photos, and the region there with the three rivers really lends itself well for that.

We haven't made the trip up over Lolo Pass to Missoula in many years, and depending on the weather and fishing, we just may make a run 'over the mountain.'

We're starting the process - bags will appear from the storage room and JC will indeed find the waders. Life is good. ~ The LadyFisher

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