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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
September 15th, 2008

im a beginner, i have a question

"hello well here i am the next day after watching a river runs through it movie. my friend and i are going to make this our hobby. we are ready to get started the only thing is is that we know nothing. so thank you for the site. we live in ohio are big question is, are we wasting our time getting started now in the season. when are the best times to fly fish in ohio and what times of the day are good morning afternoon evening? well i hope to hear back thank you for the info.

Dear Greg,

Welcome to a wonderful adventure! We do have help for you. Start by reading through our Fly Fishing 101. That is a collection of articles which answer most of the questions beginning fly fishers have. Click on Fly Fishing Basics on our left-hand menu, then onto Fly Fishing 101. Start at the beginning and read them all. To be successful in fly fishing, you need to match what the fish eat with a fly (or flies). It will help of course if you know where the fish live!

If you decide you want to start your journey now, (fall) you do have some fishing available. There are reservoirs, ponds and lakes which have panfish. There are some Ohio rivers which have trout as well. There are steelhead and salmon runs in the fall too. If you have a local fly shop, check it out. Don't try and pretend you know everything about fly fishing, ask the folks at the shop to help you. They want to build their customers, they will steer you in the right direction.

In my opinion, the most important thing you need to learn is how to cast. If you have learned everything else about fly fishing and can't cast, you are toast. We can help you with your casting. Go to HOW TO CAST, read the article. Print it out and take it outside with your rod and line and do exactly what it says. It works.

Some people take up fly fishing as you have mentioned, to make it your hobby. However, don't be shocked it you find it to be much more than a hobby. Just being outside in nature and enjoying the world around us is terrific, you may want to try and catch several species, kinds of fish. You may want to take some trips to fish for different fish, or in unusual conditions. Fly fishing with big rods in saltwater is a big change from small rods for panfish. It is all fly fishing, and all the parts can be great fun and very satisfying.

It is up to you to find your place in the fly fishing world - besides fishing, you may decide to tie flies, or build rods, (we even have a dear friend who braids horsehair leaders, the way it was done a very long time ago.) Fly fishing is a very individual sport, uniquely yours. You will make new friends and travel to new places and make a new chapter in your life.

It's a beginning. Have fun. ~ The Ladyfisher

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