This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm

August 25th, 2003

Light the Candles!

This is celebration time around our house.

My husband, Castwell/JC, and I had our 30th Anniversary this past week - and if you don't know the story, we met fly fishing and were married about a year later on the AuSable River in Michigan where we met. There were crossed bamboo fly rods, Coleman lanterns hanging in the trees, mayflies in the punch and I had to beat on the judge who married us to at least put on a sports jacket for picture (he had his waders on.)

We live a long way from that water now, but all through our marriage we have fished together. We credit our marital success so far not just to fishing together, but the fact we had so many things in common - a joint frame of reference, and value system. Since we both had been married before, we knew the difference.

The ability for us to be able to work together may not work for a lot of couples - but we feel blessed we can and neither of us really likes working at separate jobs. We've done it, but it just isn't the best for us.

It's that commonality which has enabled us to create and produce Fly Anglers OnLine (FAOL). The years of experience certainly help too, but we can discuss where we want to see this website go and how best to achieve our goals without one of us having a temper tantrum. We don't always agree, but at least we can hear each other out before a decision is made. Considerable thought does go into FAOL on a continuous basis.

With the publication of this issue, Volume 6, week 52, we complete our sixth year!

The September 1st issue will mark the beginning of our 7th year OnLine - which is almost unheard of on the Internet. The average life span of a website (according to industry figures) is 3 months! The industry claims a website which has not been updated or added to in three months is DEAD! Search engines stop visiting or cataloging those sites and move on to new ones.

By publishing a new issue every week, we keep the search engines coming back - and they keep sending us new people! 10307 found us this month via, 3763 from Yahoo, 2353 from MSN and several thousand more from other search features. It is amazing. There are a huge number of search engines, the most we've had in one day was over 500.

But the reason for a weekly issue of FAOL is not search engines.

It is you.

We created this website to give you the opportunity to enjoy the international fraternity, (FAOL is truly international, people from 103 countries visited last month), and fellowship which are central and unique to the sport. And to create a sense of community which we felt was missing in today's world of 'extended families' who hardly see each other much less share the knowledge they have with their loved ones. We wanted to re-establish the sharing of information which was the way it was done when JC and I grew up fly fishing. And lastely, to encourage you to share the information and love of fly fishing with the younger folks you know or run into.

We plan on being here for a long time. We hope you will continue to use this resource and to bring your friends here as well.

It is for you! ~ The LadyFisher

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