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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
August 18th, 2008

Just Get 'er Done

I've been going to a local physical therapy place (Kitsap Physical Therapy) where they have been working on my right shoulder. (That's the one which has had two rotator cuff surgeries.) I guess it is pretty obvious the first surgery failed or I wouldn't have had the second one. I know I'm a glutton for punishment, but that's too much even for me. Anyway, the therapy really is helping, and in fact the head therapist, Rob, suggested we try taping the shoulder to give it additional support. Well darn, that is just terrific! I go in a couple times a week, have the therapy and then get taped.

It is wonderful to have someone who excels at his chosen field willing to work with me to get me healed up and functioning properly. He knows what we do, in fact he, and another therapist there are both fly fishers. Rob has been quite concerned about my ability to ever cast again. Don't panic! This really is interesting, stick with me.

As Rob is talking about me casting, he is making an extreme casting motion with his elbow quite high, nearly to his shoulder, and arm away from his body.

I interrupted him and asked what he was doing?

He said, "Casting."

To be fair, I don't believe he has ever had any casting instruction (believe me, he will) and he is probably typical of a lot of self-taught fly fishers.

I took a few minutes and demonstrated the correct casting motion so he could see the shoulder for the most part isn't going to affect my casting at all. To be honest, if I was in a lot of pain with the shoulder, it would affect my casting. But one of the reasons for the therapy is to strengthen the right arm and shoulder. Just that will help keep it from hurting.

While he was taping me Friday he asked if we had watched the girls beach volleyball in the Olympics. I said we had - and had noticed a couple of the girls were taped. One with a shoulder taped very much like mine was. So if you saw the gals (and guys too) with some black stuff on their skin, it wasn't tatoos, it is a special kind of medical tape.

JC was waiting for me in the reception area, and talking with one of the office staff. She has the front/main page of FAOL up on their computer and she and JC were in the process of doing a search for HOW TO CAST. Just in case you haven't ever seen this, or somehow 'lost it' do me a favor. Go to HOW TO CAST, print it out, take it outside with your rod (all set up ready to cast) and follow the instructions. It works. Yes, it really works.

If you are having trouble with your casting, fix it. Your fishing life will improve so much you won't believe you ever had a problem. Your casting should be so automatic that you don't have to think about it, you just do it. You can do this, just get 'er done. ~ The LadyFisher

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