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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
August 11th, 2008


No, that's not a typo. Just because I'm older than dirt doesn't mean I (we) can't play hooky. I must admit it's been much, much too long since we've done that. We were talking the other day and realized we had not made it over to the Pacific coast for well over a year. That should be illegal.

Washington has a wonderful coastline, with loads of public access. Not quite as good as our neighbors to the south, Oregon, since ALL of their coastline is public. I've forgotten the whole story now, but the governor of Oregon made an executive order years ago to the effect that all the coastline belonged to the people of Oregon and it has stuck. There is another name for it, maybe the Queens Chain? If you know the story on that one how about posting it on the Bulletin Board? Regardless it is a terrific thing for all of us.

We took off Wednesday morning and drove to Ocean Shores, Washington. This was built as a tourist area and there are lots of things to do, and a long sandy beach. You can hire a moped, a bike, a bicycle surrey with the fringe on top, a reclining bike, or a horse. Kite shops are everywhere (we brought our own) and the sky is dotted with a variety of kites.

Being the seaside there are birds, even some brown pelicans! We took a bag a Cheetos to feed the seagulls, there were two juveniles each with one leg. They flew just fine, and I managed to get some Cheetos into their flight path. Have you ever thrown a bag of Cheetos by the handful? Actually they throw pretty well, but I was covered about half way to my elbow with orange stuff. I would have said orange cheese but I'm not sure it was/is. We carry some wipes in the glove box, and I did clean up pretty well.

We also found a new use for our Chota Flats Booties. They are just great for wading around in the surf. We didn't go out too far as the warnings were posted everywhere on rip tides. We did see others wading and playing in the surf, but no one was swimming. There were lots of folks on the beach (and yes, you can drive on that beach) there are some beaches which are closed to motor vehicles - I remember one sign which said something about soft spots - but others are closed to prevent damage to razor clam beds.

Razor clams were JC's choice for dinner. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the place we had dinner, but we've eaten there on previous trips. I had a nice shrimp scampi and it really was good. I try to remember bits and pieces when we eat out, things I can do at home to dress up a meal. While there wasn't anything spectacular this time, it did remind me of a lunch we had there a couple of years ago. Those of you on the northeast coast have a neat sandwich called a lobster roll. This restaurant did a similar sandwich with Oregon shrimp instead of the lobster. It was just dandy! I'll make that one the next time I see the little shrimp on sale (yes, it really does happen.)

Before we headed the car toward home, we drove down to the channel between Westport and Ocean Shores. We have seen grey whales there, none this time. However, the amount of new homes and condos is absolutely amazing. Millions of dollars, maybe billions. Not including the new Best Western and huge casino just east of Ocean Shores. That's the big building in the photo above.

It is good to get away, even if it isn't fishing. Something about the wind in your face when you don't have to worry about casting a fly into it!

If you haven't played hooky lately, I highly recommend it. You too can run away from home, if just for the day. ~ The LadyFisher

P.S. No reason for the photo below, it is just that the flowers are so huge it is almost unreal. We've been nursing this plant for five years, putting it in the garage during the winter. I wanted to share it with you.

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