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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
August 4th, 2008

Where Did It Go?

Summer is half over, although here on the west coast our moderate climate allows us nice weather some years all the way into November. I was reading some of the archives here on FAOL and can't help but comment that we will soon be marking our eleventh anniversary as a website. How can that be?

I can't possibly use the old phrase, "A lot of water has gone over the dam," because it is just too trite - so how about "a lot of water has passed under the bridge?" Either way, a lot of things have happened in that eleven years.

And while we have added new sections to FAOL, a new Chatroom and new Bulletin Board, we've had and attended a whole bunch of regional Fish-Ins and met an incredible group of fly fishers who make up the core of what FAOL is.

The best news is I just renewed our license and our website registration for another two years.

So for at least that long, (providing nothing happens with either the dam or the bridge - see above) we will continue to produce this website for you.

A good number of you have been here since we put the first issue up Sept. 1st, 1997. To those who were there in the beginning, our sincere thanks for your loyal support. If you found us later, we're delighted you found us. We've lost some folks who passed on to the great stream in the sky, and hope they will leave a fish or two for us when we join them. Some folks just left, some of which could be they didn't agree with how this site is managed. On the other hand, the national figures of various types of recreation say that five years is about average for anyone to stay interested in one recreation.

Which maybe is why so many people do stay with fly fishing. You won't ever know everything, (isn't that great? well, except for Castwell) and there are so many parts of the sport to be involved with. Obviously there is casting, the knowledge of the insects, rods - including building them, reels - same thing, lines and leaders and the whole big world of fly tying. Something literally for everyone. And you can take any of them as far, or as little as you want. On top of that, there is travel to neat places where fish live, and the comradeship of other like minded people. Of course Fish-In's are prime examples of that, but a lot of FAOL folks get together on their own to meet and fish on their own. That's as it should be.

Our world today is so impersonal, we hardly know our neighbors names. Not at all like it was some even twenty years ago. So it is a good thing to have friends to share ones thoughts and concerns with. The central meeting place for all that indeed is Fly Anglers OnLine. We know many of you talk back and forth, and email too. It would seem friendship is not dead but alive and well. The art of conversation also lives. (Been in our Chatroom lately?) And just try getting a word in edgewise at a Fish-In.

Eleven years seems like it should be a long time, but in reality it has zoomed by. I must admit though, I seem to have aged just a little during that time. But you haven't changed a bit. ~ The LadyFisher

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