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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

July 30th, 2001

A Special Thanks

Our Fish-In 2001 is over. Sad in a way because I didn't want it to end either. Many of those attending expressed the same feelings - and of course it is why we have such a gathering at all.

In another earlier generation the Fraternity of Fly Fishers had various names, one name I personally like is the Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock, there were (and still are) private fishing clubs with great old buildings and the best of the regions waters. The Pere Marquette Club in Michigan and Henryville come to mind, but there are others across the country. Some of the FAOL readers belong to such groups and share the special affection membership brings. It's not like the 'frat' house, but there is a special connection between the people in those groups.

Those who were at the Delaware River Club for this Fish-In are a very strong part of the real fraternity of fly fishers. Folks sat outside well after midnight just talking about fishing. There was show and tell, fly tying, impromptu fishing trips, new waters and methods explored, meals shared - all the parts were there. The toughest was saying goodbye.

A while back I put the line, Fraternity of Fly Fishers under the Fly Anglers OnLine logo on our front page. I wanted anyone who came to this website to know our intent. Or if you will, our mission statement. Anyone who showed up at the Fish-In will tell you the fraternity is alive and well.

Bob Petti from the Global Fly Fisher attended on Friday for Cane Day, and wrote a nice report for their website. You can read it here .

It takes effort to make such a gathering work. I want to thank everyone who came - you are the reason we have a Fish-In. Everyone pitched in to make it a success. Our sincere thanks for being involved.

A very special thanks goes to Ron Kusse for pulling together the pieces to make this one so successful. We simply could not have done it without him. Ron asked for and received help from a lot of folks - and I know he expressed his gratitude as well, but I don't want anyone to think they are (or were) taken for granted.

Every Fish-In is different, but each is important in keeping the spirit of fly fishing alive. Next year's will be different too, we will hang on to the things that worked well, and add a few surprises. Keep the light burning folks, we are already working on Fish-In 2002! We will have a 'permanent' date set soon, so those who wish to attend will know the date will remain the same from year to year.

While I'm doing "thanks" I have to include Al Caucci and his staff for all their kindless and consideration to our FAOL group. To my knowledge, all requests were handled quickly with great courtesy. Al has a great group of folks working for him.

Finally, JC and I had intended to have a large batch of photos from the Fish-In up today, (Monday July 30th, 2001) but a very botched flight coming back has left us beat with little sleep and our technical skills are at an all-time low. Stay tuned, we will have a bunch up this week (I'll put a link on the front page), and we will add to them as folks send them this way.

To those I haven't met before this past week, it was a delight to finally meet you! It's great to put faces with the names. To our old friends, forgive me, I had a tear or two when we had to part. I hope you all will join us again next year. To those who could not make it, you missed a great time. Perhaps in the future you can spend a week or a couple of days with us at the next one. It was grand, I'm so glad we could be there too. Thanks everyone! ~ LadyFisher

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